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Cyber Incident Response Services

Prepare. Respond. Rebound.

Deloitte’s Cyber Incident Response Services can help you prepare, respond, and rebound with speed and resilience.

Cyber incident response is more than a technology problem

If you’re responsible for keeping your organization secure in today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, you already know that no organization—regardless of size or industry—is immune from attack.

When an incident occurs, it can quickly escalate to a business crisis, leading to high-profile media attention, financial losses, operational disruption, increased regulatory scrutiny, and damage to customer loyalty and investor confidence. Having a cyber incident response plan is not enough—the plan must be understood and tested across the entire organization, including among business leaders.

Deloitte’s Cyber Incident Response (CIR) has been designed to provide your organization with a cross-functional approach for improved communication between every function of your business for a faster, more efficient, coordinated, and aligned breach response.

It’s an approach based on the collective experience of a global network of specialists and investigators and the culmination of many years spent assisting clients in preparing for, responding to, and rebounding from attacks.

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From incident discovery to business recovery

Our broad cyber incident response framework, methodology, and services can help enable your organization to proactively prepare for a cyber incident and, as needed, provide to quickly respond to and recover from an incident.

Our specialists design and develop an incident response program tailored to your business, with strategy, organization, and procedures, as well as cyber wargaming.

We develop a tailored cyber monitoring program to assist you with ongoing surveillance and detection, which can be integrated with our Managed Threat Services (MTS) monitoring services.

Deloitte investigators gather information and determine incident response priority, triage activities, and assist with risk-mitigating actions to help prevent further impact on your organization.

Our team works with yours to develop near-term incident remediation, a remediation strategy, and a roadmap for moving forward. We’ll also work to help you to resume normal business operations and provide long-term risk mitigation, remediation, and lessons learned.

Deloitte’s focused, systematic approach to cyber incidents is time-tested and aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Computer Security Incident Handling guidelines. We have helped many businesses realize the full potential of cross-functional cyber incident response. And because our framework is both modular and iterative in nature, it can be customized to reflect your organization’s broader business objectives and maturity level.

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Deloitte CIR retainer services: Establish support before an attack

In today’s rapidly changing threat environment, our CIR retainer services offer you the confidence of knowing your organization has a team of cyber crisis specialists on speed dial, ready to take swift action. As a retainer client, you’ll have the breadth and experience of our global cyber defense network supporting your organization at every stage of the incident response life cycle—from cyber risk assessment through remediation and recovery.

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Why Deloitte?

End-to-end suite of CIR Services
We provide end-to-end cyber incident response services that help our clients prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents across the entire incident life cycle.

Global reach
Leveraging the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) network of member firms, we can provide assistance across the globe to many major markets.

NSA (National Security Agency) accredited
We are an NSA CIRA (Certified Incident Response Assistance) accredited organization and can provide rapid, on-site support to national security systems (NSS) owners and operators in cyber incident response.

Case studies

When it comes to confronting a ransomware attack, two teams are better than one.
Ransomware attacks can hit companies hard and fast. By bringing in Deloitte shortly after the onset of an attack, one law firm was able to quickly get back to work and on the road to recovery. And by tapping Deloitte’s deep suite of cyber services, it’s now better able to defend against future attacks. Read more .

When attackers don’t learn their lesson on the first try, don’t give them a second chance
Even with advanced warning, it can be nearly impossible to prevent a ransomware attack. With the help of Deloitte’s extensive forensic, remediation, and monitoring capabilities, our client was able to rebound from one attack, quickly respond to a second attack, and work toward preventing future attacks. Read more.

When cyberattacks lurk around every corner, you need 360-degree prevention and protection
Staying on top, let alone ahead, of cyber threats can sometimes seem impossible. That’s where strong relationships, flexible approaches, and a deep bench of cyber professionals can make all the difference. Read more.

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