Investment management: The growing complexity of state taxes

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The rules and regulations in the state tax landscape are quickly evolving, and investment managers need to stay informed of how their industry is being impacted. In this latest episode, we hear from Deloitte Multistate Tax specialists on recent state tax adjustments affecting the investment management industry and how to tackle these issues.

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Investment management: The growing complexity of state taxes

Recent developments, from court rulings redefining the tax nexus to a rise in private credit funds, are making it harder for the investment management industry to determine state tax implications. Investment managers and tax advisers need to consider all aspects of the investment management life cycle—sourcing and passthrough entity tax rules, transaction structure, and nexus laws—when filing state taxes. In this episode, Deloitte Multistate Tax Specialists Shawn David, Amanda Sterling, and Dareck Stringfield explore how each of these areas plays a role in future investment management strategies:

Investment managers will need to model out and analyze transactions, including areas of operation, and identify all of the benefits and any potential pitfalls that may exist when determining where to file.

—Shawn David

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