The effects of inflation on real and personal property taxes

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With a looming recession and rising interest rates, taxpayers are left questioning how the current economic climate will affect their property assessments today and years down the line. In this episode, hear recommendations from Deloitte Tax specialists on how taxpayers should navigate property tax activities during this inflationary period.

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The effects of inflation on real and personal property taxes

Inflation and rising interest rates compounded with the aftereffects of a supply chain shortage are questions for taxpayers when it comes to their property tax assessments. Organizations need to understand how jurisdictions play a role and adjust their property tax strategy. In this latest episode, Deloitte property tax specialists Debbie Loesel and Evan Staggs discuss how higher interest rates might affect property assessments and how taxpayers can maneuver the current economic environment to their benefit.

The biggest problem is now a push and pull between tax jurisdictions and taxpayers regarding the value of properties reflective of the current environment.

—Evan Staggs

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