The Inflation Reduction Act: Sustainability credits

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Do I meet the new credit criteria if my company uses green vehicles? How do I monetize energy credits? In this latest episode, Deloitte credits and incentives specialists address these and other questions related to the new energy tax credit criteria established in the Inflation Reduction Act.

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The Inflation Reduction Act: Sustainability credits

With the IRA introducing so many new energy credits, and enhancing existing ones, companies need to start planning and evaluating which credits are most applicable to them. In this latest episode, Deloitte credits and incentives specialists, Carl Obradovich and Bill Fisher, discuss the four main buckets of tax credits detailed in the new legislation and what’s in them:

The main energy tax credits in the IRA fit into one of four buckets: advanced manufacturing transportation, fuels, hydrogen and carbon capture, and renewable energy.

— Carl Obradovich

Carl and Bill also talk about what tax leaders and corporate executives should be doing internally to ensure they meet the new credit criteria.

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