The Inflation Reduction Act: Advanced manufacturing credits

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With a lot of organizations investing in sustainable manufacturing, corporate executives need to consider the tax benefits available to them under the Inflation Reduction Act. Tune in to the latest Tax News & Views episode to learn more on the subject from Deloitte credits and incentives specialists.

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The Inflation Reduction Act: Advanced manufacturing credits

Advanced manufacturing is one of the four main sustainability groups released under the Inflation Reduction Act. In this latest episode, Deloitte Credits and Incentives Specialists Carl Obradovich and Jeremy DeMuth discuss the particularities of two lucrative tax credits tied to advanced manufacturing and what companies need to look for to determine if they qualify:

There are two main credits under advanced manufacturing: The first one is section 48C, qualified advanced energy projects; and the second is advanced manufacturing production, or section 45X.

— Carl Obradovich

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