Post-midterm elections and the future of tax policy

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Will midterm election results lead to an upshift in tax policy? In this episode, Deloitte Tax leader Jonathan Traub shares his thoughts on the latest developments in midterm elections and what they could mean for the tax legislative landscape in the United States.

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Post-midterm elections and the future of tax policy

With the future tax legislation currently in play, taxpayers have their eyes set on midterm election results. In this special edition, Deloitte Tax leader Jonathan Traub shares his thoughts on the most recent development—State Democrats retaining control of the chamber for the next two years—and its implications on tax:

Even if Republicans get control of the House of Representatives these elections, the universe of big bills on tax policy that would likely become law is still pretty narrow.

— Jonathan Traub 

Traub also sheds light on the tax issues on the agenda for the upcoming lame-duck session and what tax bills lawmakers will likely focus on in the coming year.

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