Tax Services for the Retail and Distribution Industry

​As retail companies prepare to serve an aging U.S. customer base while at the same time going green and expanding globally into new markets, efficient and effective tax planning is more critical than ever. Today's retailers can benefit from Deloitte Tax LLP's multidisciplinary perspective. We provide industry training for our tax specialists in the industry and have worked with retail leaders throughout our history. A collaborative, integrated approach distinguishes the Deloitte Tax client experience — and results in relevant, effectively implemented services. For companies managing the complexities of the retail tax landscape, Deloitte can help.

Tax-aligned supply chain

As retailers continue to import goods across domestic and international borders and expand operations overseas, proper planning is critical to help navigate a wide range of tax requirements and explore opportunities for greater tax efficiency. Deloitte can help pursue improvements to your operations by helping you effectively explore a tax-aligned supply  chain. Retailers can turn to our retail tax specialists to help them develop procurement, supplier, and facility relocation strategies. Our Global Enterprise Methods and Systems (GEMS) specialists are ready to help map transaction flows to help you align your suppliers, distributors and your company in a tax-efficient manner.

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Multinational tax services

For multinational retailers, we can help with tax services that are supported by modeling and data management tools of our International Tax Quantitative Consulting Services (IT.QCS). Our international restructuring services can help global retailers plan their cross-border expansion to pursue tax efficiency from transactional, operational, and exit-route perspectives. Our Multistate Tax Services team can help you deal with the issues that arise in thousands of jurisdictions across the United States, including income, franchise and gross receipts taxes; sales and use taxes; nexus issues; and countless others.

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Technology tax services

For retailers undertaking an ERP system implementation, we can support you with a multidisciplinary team of technologists and tax specialists to explore property, sales and use tax issues, and potential tax savings associated with these types of projects. We can help investigate potential tax credits or grants that may be available. Also, we can help you assess how tax-efficiently your technology and related processes support tax compliance measures and cost reduction efforts. Our Tax Management Advisory Services group can work with you to design and implement tax technology, processes, and structures that help reallocate your tax department resources more effectively. Specifically, we can help with process redesign, software implementation and enhancement, and change management services for the corporate tax function.

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Jason Coronado

Boise Managing Partner

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