The Internet of Things ecosystem

Unlocking the business value of connected devices

Read about strategies ‒ for both enterprise adopters and Internet of Things (IoT) providers ‒ to unlock the business value of connected devices.

Realizing the promise of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to offer business value that goes beyond operational cost savings. Providers in the IoT ecosystem have a largely unexplored opportunity to develop compelling IoT solutions that explore how the ability to collect and analyze disparate data, in real-time and across time, might transform the business. These developments will play out within and across enterprises, offering opportunities for sustained value creation and even disruption for those who can imagine possibilities beyond the incremental.

Throughout this paper, we offer strategies—to both enterprise adopters and IoT providers—to unlock the business value of connected devices. For providers, we offer six actionable strategies to create solutions that improve enterprise adopters' business performance, not just in the short term but sustained over time. For enterprise executives, we offer a framework to think about where business value resides and where opportunities might exist for IoT solutions. Learn how IoT solutions can improve enterprise adopters' fundamental business values, not just savings and risk management, but revenue growth and innovation.

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​IoT workshop at MIT Media Lab


On May 6 and 7, Deloitte, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, hosted an executive workshop to design the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the course of two days, a select group of business executives and thought leaders explored strategies focused on unlocking the value within the IoT ecosystem.  


  •  View the graphic recordings - An artist captured the two day workshop discussions in real-time, the outcome of which is displayed in slideshare
  • View our Facebook album to see highlights from the workshop and follow the conversation on Twitter at #IoT_D

Explore the findings from the Winter 2014 IoT Grand Challenge Workshop.


Headline: Hear what the Wall Street Journal has to say

Perspectives for CFO: Unlocking the value of connected device- Thus far, companies implementing the “Internet of Things” have realized only modest operational cost savings and asset efficiency increases. That’s about to change.

Perspectives for CIOs: Unlocking the value of connected device- Many vendors focus on selling technology to the CIO - without a comprehensive vision of how it will translate into returns for the business. 

Perspectives for CIOs: Practical Applications for Connected Devices- Learn how CIOs are helping their organizations achieve lasting value and fuel innovation with the Internet of Things.

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