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Deloitte Digital wows at the 2017 LiveWorx Technology Conference & Marketplace

May 22–25 2017 | Boston, MA

Deloitte Digital was a Pinnacle sponsor at the 2017 LiveWorx Technology Conference & Marketplace in Boston bringing top researchers, thinkers, and leaders to unveil critical insights and solutions in the innovation era.

Innovative product launch, crowds at the booth, and a keynote they’re still talking about

Deloitte Digital was a Pinnacle sponsor at the 2017 PTC LiveWorx Technology Conference & Marketplace in Boston where we introduced the industry’s first converged, turnkey IoT solution for manufacturing. Robert Schmid, Deloitte Digital’s IoT Chief Technologist, unveiled the turnkey IoT solution with a rousing keynote that included a feature video, audience interaction, and even a live owl! The product and presentation had us trending on social media during the event.

Deloitte led two breakout sessions with speakers delivering engaging presentations on Augmented IoT and Smart Factory. At our booth on the expo floor, attendees lined up for our “HoloLens” augmented reality demo and our “Store 360” installation. We also hosted a client event complete with magic acts for an evening of entertainment.

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What is LiveWorx?

This premier global Internet of Things (IoT) technology business conference and marketplace showcases solutions engineered for a smart, connected world. The award-winning LiveWorx event provides a vibrant atmosphere where leaders, experts, and industry influencers come together to discuss, debate, exchange, explore, and learn first-hand how cutting-edge technologies are transforming the world of tomorrow.

Discover more information about LiveWorx.

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Event details:

May 22–25, 2017

Booth #236
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC)
Boston, MA

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Featured Deloitte events at LiveWorx 2017

“Big Mama” the live owl joins Robert Schmid onstage for LiveTALX keynote

Deloitte Digital’s IoT chief technologist, Robert Schmid, aka Mr. IoT, delivered a live-streamed keynote address at LiveWorx 2017. He took the audience by surprise as the owl from the keynote feature video made an entry on stage with him! Robert unveiled the new turnkey IoT solution for manufacturing, which delivers the value of smart predictive maintenance right at the source. It easily scales up, from a small pilot program to an entire production line to the manufacturing operation, and ultimately to your global supply network.

View Robert’s LiveWorx keynote presentation.

The best version of your business in weeks—not months

The turnkey IoT solution for manufacturing which we announced at LiveWorx is like putting all you need for IoT into one box. Monitor and detect any disturbance in your manufacturing environment and fix system failures before they happen, increase your bottom line by generating efficiencies and adding value downstream the supply chain—and scale all these benefits across all your plants and factories. The turnkey IoT solution is one of the first converged systems for IoT at the edge of your manufacturing. Pre-tested and pre-integrated to minimize risk and expedite the setup process, thus accelerating time to insight. Created by HPE, Deloitte, PTC and National Instruments.

For more information about the turnkey IoT solution for manufacturing, read the Deloitte Digital blog post, or check out the launch video below.

Robert Schmid and "Big Mama" presenting the LiveWorx 2017 keynote
Robert Schmid and "Big Mama" presenting the LiveWorx 2017 keynote

Breakout sessions:

Augmented IoT—a new reality?

Mahesh Chandramouli, senior manager, and Prashanth Jayaraman, manager, Deloitte Digital IoT, delivered a presentation on ‘Augmented IoT—a new reality?’ This session imparted an understanding of how an organization can achieve a step function change in operations through the confluence of augmented reality and industrial IoT.

Digital supply networks: The smart factory

Steve Shepley, principal, and Martin Hartigan, principal, Deloitte Consulting, Digital Manufacturing Enterprise (DME), led a session on ‘Digital supply networks: The smart factory’ that highlighted the value of leveraging exponential technologies such as sensor-based asset visibility, digital twin, predictive maintenance, and cognitive automation.

Mahesh Chandramouli and Prashanth Jayaraman presenting ‘Augmented IoT—a new reality?’
Mahesh Chandramouli and Prashanth Jayaraman presenting ‘Augmented IoT—a new reality?’

Live demos that created “traffic jams”

We held demos on the show floor throughout the conference that attracted a lot of curious minds. The two featured demos included:

  • Turnkey IoT solution and field service augmented reality
    This low cost, low risk bundled solution combines hardware, software, analytics, insights, and implementation services into a single pre-configured package that delivers results in weeks, not months. A very cool component of the demo included using augmented reality to perform field service maintenance on a faulty bearing simulator, which the predictive maintenance software algorithms detected.
  • Retail 360°
    Attendees saw how beacons and radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensors tagged to merchandise help store associates and managers track and maintain inventory in real-time, as well as allow customers to have a digitally enhanced in-store shopping experience via a mobile app.

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Demoing Deloitte's turnkey IoT solution and field service augmented reality
Demoing Deloitte's turnkey IoT solution and field service augmented reality

What is the Deloitte Digital and PTC alliance?

Deloitte Digital and PTC are co-creating industry-focused solutions to enable clients to further the value from investments in IoT using the ThingWorx® industrial IoT platform from PTC. The Deloitte Digital and PTC alliance was formed because when it comes to things like credibility, reputation, products, and innovation, PTC is an industry leader. Paired with the technology chops, strategic know-how, and industry experience that Deloitte Digital is known for, and that’s a pretty legit combo. Using bold IoT thinking, agile prototyping, and PTC’s field-tested platforms, our alliance can quickly take businesses from idea to innovation.

For more information, visit the press release announcing the Deloitte Digital and PTC alliance.

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What if the best version of your business was weeks—not months—away?

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