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Smart Factory: Start the Journey

Evolve your digital transformation with the power of real-time insights, end-to-end visibility, and scalable solutions

How can your manufacturing business accelerate digital transformation while targeting quality, efficiency, and safety improvements? Explore how our Smart Factory offering—an integrated solution with digital supply network capabilities—can help achieve these gains while reducing costs.

Unlock your business’ potential with Smart Factory solutions

For manufacturers, advancing your organization’s digital maturity takes more than just technology—it requires the convergence of people, processes, and assets, too. These four pillars are the foundation for efficient operations within the digital enterprise.

Scaled adoption of digital and cognitive technologies is helping manufacturers realize unprecedented value across the supply chain. Advanced digital technologies such as sensors, wearables, and robotics are creating a continuous flow of information between the physical and digital worlds. By incorporating exponential technologies, including big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, into their operations, leading-class businesses can capture and turn digital data into actionable insights. By incorporating exponential technologies, including the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence physical and digital worlds.

Our Smart Factory solutions can be architected across a wide array of enabling technologies, creating insights, and augmenting human performance to help overcome complex challenges, address key business objectives, and boost visibility and performance across the digital supply network.

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Industry 4.0: The smart factory

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How do we define a smart factory?

A smart factory:

  • Connects and collects production data
  • Analyzes that data to drive better insights
  • Augments human intelligence with machine intelligence to deliver sustained, step-change improvements in performance and safety

A smart factory is a highly responsive, adaptive, and connected operation integrated into a digital supply network. It’s a flexible system that can self-optimize performance across a broader network, self-adapt to and learn from new conditions in real- or near real-time, and autonomously run entire production processes.

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Manufacturing goes digital: Smart factories have the potential to spark labor productivity

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What does a smart factory do?

A smart factory narrows the gap between the physical and digital worlds. In fact, one of the most important features of the smart factory—agility—presents manufacturers with multiple options to leverage digital and physical technologies depending on their specific needs.

These technologies power the digital supply network, and by extension, the smart factory—creating new opportunities to digitize production processes.

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Watch our video playlist

See how we brought a smart factory to life at LiveWorx 2019.

Download the Virtual Factory by Deloitte app to experience a smart factory come to life in the palm of your hands. See and interact with our innovative 3D virtual rubber duck factory, featuring real-world use cases that showcase how technologies such as IoT and AR/VR are helping enable digital supply networks to transform manufacturing operations with the power of real-time insights, end-to-end visibility, and scalable solutions.

New opportunities: A case for the smart factory

The decision on how to embark on or expand a smart factory initiative should align with the specific needs of an organization. By undertaking a smart factory initiative, businesses often see benefits such as:

  • Improved asset efficiency
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved safety and sustainability
  • Reduced costs

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Smart factory in action

The smart factory journey should align to strategic priorities for your organization and can start with scalable proof-of-value experiments. As manufacturers consider how to build their smart factory, they can begin with the following steps:

  • Think big. Develop a vision for your organization’s smart factory journey based on long-term strategic priorities.
  • Start small. Develop solutions and demonstrate value on a smaller set of the overall scope.
  • Scale fast. Deploy and scale validated solutions across overall scope and monitor closely for benefit realization.

The smart factory is a holistic solution, joining what happens within the four walls of the factory with the end-to-end digital supply network. To achieve a truly successful outcome, any organization embarking on this journey should consider the full array of supply chain partners and customers from the start.

We collaborate with an ecosystem of leading technology providers to help ensure we’re meeting the unique needs of each client.

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Explore Deloitte’s Experiential Learning Environments

The Smart Factory @ Wichita is one of several of Deloitte's global immersive experiences designed to accelerate digital transformation—a network that includes the Digital Factory @ Dusseldorf and the Digital Factory @ Sheffield, established in collaboration with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

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