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Smart Factory Accelerator

A cloud-enabled smart manufacturing solution

A smart factory can benefit your products, workers, and balance sheet. But the smart transformation of legacy operations can be daunting. Deloitte’s Smart Factory Accelerator, a cloud-enabled smart manufacturing solution, simplifies the process of synchronizing your people, assets, and operations to enable a connected platform that can scale and flex with your organization’s needs.

Smart manufacturing: Potential established, precision required

A machine unexpectedly fails and is off-line waiting for maintenance repair. A factory line continuously reports 10 percent quality rejection over the last week of production. A technician calls in sick, causing a gap on the line for a critical skillset.

These are the kinds of traditional manufacturing challenges that a smart factory can address. By connecting to an organization’s digital supply network and augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence, a smart factory can predict machine downtime by analyzing performance trends. It can sense quality degradation and immediately enact correction efforts. And it can actively manage the workforce and track worker safety and performance data.

Transforming the factory requires collaboration between manufacturing, supply chain, and IT, new technologies, and becoming an insight driven organization. Deloitte has an approach to navigate this change and a proven cloud- and IOT-enabled smart manufacturing solution that can help you synchronize people, assets, and processes to execute the transformation efficiently.

Smart Factory Accelerator

A smart factory solution, tailored for you

Smart Factory Accelerator is a pre-configured suite of cloud-based smart factory IoT applications, designed to accelerate smart manufacturing transformations across the enterprise, customizable to meet your unique needs.

The Smart Factory Accelerator platform includes:

  • Field-tested technology with a scalable cloud-based and IoT-enabled architecture.
  • Integrated use cases addressing the most common factory challenges.
  • An ROI-driven deployment approach.
  • A focus on user adoption and enterprise transformation.

Smart Factory Accelerator is a fully packaged cloud-enabled smart manufacturing solution that enables a scalable proof-of-value for a discrete and process manufacturers in weeks instead of months.

What value could a company gain from a smart factory transformation?

How Smart Factory Accelerator works

The Smart Factory Accelerator solution connects the physical and digital world, leveraging a powerful technology stack:

  • At the plant level, the solution can read and offer two-way communication with a multitude of edge devices, reducing latency and getting information real-time.
  • The pertinent information can be ported to the cloud layer, allowing for rich data analysis, modeling, and cognitive processes to create insights.
  • A set of applications have been designed to proactively interact with the data insights, offering alerts, ability to transact, and most importantly, a rich user experience.

Once integrated with your IT and OT landscape and combined with our implementation methodology, the cloud-enabled smart manufacturing technology can activate and transform the factory to adjust manufacturing behaviors and achieve the anticipated ROI.

Smart Factory Accelerator provides a global template, flexible enough to onboard multiple facilities. Once fully scaled, it can provide metrics for multiple facets of the organization and an integrated view of operations needed to uncover opportunities for improvement and make decisions across your enterprise.

Make the smart choice

The Smart Factory Accelerator brings together Deloitte’s strategic and deep industrial sector experience and a robust cloud-based platform.

Key differentiators:

  • More than technology: Preconfigured accelerators, leveraging cognitive analytics, are designed to be process change-centric and human-centered.
  • ROI-driven: Issue-driven design, targeting tangible improvement to operational metrics using simple, highly effective user experiences.
  • Native cloud stack: Lower cost, greater scalability and security, and higher availability—at lower risk.
  • Secure by design: Built-in security that is a primary focus from sensor to cloud.
  • It’s flexible and adaptable: Open and extensible platform with the flexibility to use third-party offerings.

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