Financial Risk Services

Deloitte helps organizations across the full lifecycle of financial transactions. From governance and processes to technology and reporting, our services can enhance transparency, efficiency, compliance, and financial integrity.

Our services

  • Market & Credit Risk - We assist clients in asset level reviews, analytics and cash-flow modeling, structural and document review, and post-closing compliance testing.
  • Capital Management, Liquidity & Treasury Risk - We transform and globally scale clients’ treasury and commodity trading capabilities focused on large company events, including M&A, finance transformation, responding to regulatory requirements and changing market conditions from commodity and currency volatilities, and liquidity conditions.
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting Risk - We assist companies with changes in accounting and regulatory requirements, capital markets transactions, acquisition, and divestiture transactions.

Key Contact

Victoria Loutsiv

Victoria Loutsiv

Strategic, Regulatory and Financial Risk Leader

Victoria is a partner in Risk Advisory and leads Deloitte Canada’s Strategic & Reputation, Regulatory and Financial Risk practices. She provides advisory services to financial institutions and regulat... More