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Deloitte CarbonCare Asia is a leading provider of consultancy services for corporate sustainability and carbon strategy, net-zero emissions, sustainable finance, sustainability learning and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. 

Carbon Care Asia was founded by top environmental and social development professionals in 2008. As a mission-driven company, it has provided a wide range of integrated services and solutions for organisations to transform climate-related physical and transition risks into opportunities for sustainable growth. Headquartered in Hong Kong, CCA has been serving a variety of clients from different sectors and trades, including manufacturing, finance, property management, logistics and transport in East and Southeast Asia as well as professional and public institutions and NGOs. 

In March 2022, the Carbon Care Asia team joined Deloitte China to form Deloitte CarbonCare Asia. 

Deloitte CarbonCare Asia is able to offer solutions for science-based emissions reduction plans, net-zero pathways, climate risk and scenario analysis, green finance instruments, sustainability research, high level training and best practices in ESG reporting.The DCCA team works closely with clients to ensure that our strategy advice and innovative solutions are uniquely customized to their specific needs and situation so they can achieve both their financial and sustainability targets. 

Our Values and Commitments: Integrity, Awareness and Professionalism

Deloitte CarbonCare Asia combines both a passion for the principles of sustainability with rigorous professional standards.

Awareness and Commitment

Our work is underpinned by our commitment to the concept of sustainable development — care for the planet, prosperity and equal opportunities for all people as well as inter-generational justice to enable undiminished legacy for future generations.

Integrity and Professionalism 

We ensure integrity, evidence-based criteria and conscientiousness in all our work. We aim to build trust and credibility for our clients by applying the leading international methodologies and standards that enable them to demonstrate best practices in sustainability.

Proven Track Record​

DCCA has dedicated experience in green finance, carbon management and sustainability consulting, serving over 250 clients in strategy development, reporting and in-depth research.



Training Specialists

Experienced coaches in climate competence and corporate sustainability have pioneered professional training programmes tailored for individual companies, for professional associations, and in partnership with the National University of Singapore and HKU SPACE.



Who We Serve

We have a global record advising major local and international corporations, and have amassed the experience and expertise to deliver a suite of sustainability services to clients from a range of sectors and industries. 

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Deloitte China acquires the advisory business of Carbon Care Asia

On 17 February 2022, Deloitte China announces today an agreement to acquire most of the advisory business of Carbon Care Asia (CCA), a leading sustainability consultancy based in Hong Kong. Climate change and sustainability are global priorities. This acquisition presents a major milestone for Deloitte China to boost its professional capabilities against the soaring demand for sustainability and carbon advisory services in Hong Kong and in the Greater Bay Area.

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Our Team

The DCCA consultancy team is populated with multi-disciplinary professionals with diversified backgrounds such as carbon and sustainability specialists, environmental data analysts, climate finance / policy researchers and dedicated reporting teams working in objective-focused teams to provide integrated services and solutions most suited for each client or project.

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Get in Touch

Mohit Grover

Mohit Grover

Lead partner for Climate & Sustainability services in Hong Kong
Albert Lai

Albert Lai

Deloitte CarbonCare Asia Climate Strategy Leader
John Sayer

John Sayer

Deloitte CarbonCare Asia Executive Director
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