Future of Control | Continuous Monitoring: Governance, Process, Risk & Compliance Solution (D.GPRC)

As the leader in corporate governance, process management, operational risk management, and internal control compliance management, Deloitte Risk Advisory has been assisting enterprises to enhance their internal controls for many years. This has evolved to include the application of digital technologies, supporting enterprises to transform their approach to governance, process, risk and compliance. This application of technology and tools is central to our vision for the Future of Control.


The D.GPRC solution is designed to provide digital support for corporate governance, process management, operational risk management and internal control compliance management.

It includes a range of functions, such as, an intelligent platform for enterprise’s system management, process management, risk and control management, inspection and monitoring, problem and rectification, and continuous improvement of the whole process.

The solution has been designed for functional departments such as internal control, compliance, operational risk and process management as the main users, while also supporting the business activity workflow of business departments and review activities of functional departments such as supervision and auditing.

Through the unique "3PRI" methodology and strong system development capabilities, the D.GPRC solution can support organisations to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and address a number of common pain points.

The pain points addressed include:

  1. Difficulty to query the status of risk & control and inconsistent storage of historic data
  2. Innovatively integrate process management, internal control management, compliance management, risk management, index management, case prevention management, control systems and management processes to form a "clear view" of various management requirements
  3. Through personalized technical interfaces, it can meet the data requirements of the second line of defence. So that different users can access existing management systems such as Office Automation, Human Resources and other business systems


Design Concepts

1. 3PRI Theory


2. PDCA Methods


The continuous improvement focus of our D.GPRC solution takes the completion of enterprise management promotion as the starting point. Combing the management system and business processes, identifying key risk points and corresponding control measures, then integrating all kinds of inspection and monitoring means. This enables management to analyze a range of compliance risk and control issues and locate the weak links in business processes, prior to effective improvement of control.


Value Proposition

Overall, we have brought the following value to enterprises through our D.GPRC solution:

  1. Build a comprehensive foundation to help enhance management of the organisation
    Through systems and tools combined with consulting services, we can effectively build a firm foundation for the management of compliance risk. This foundation will also support clear and transparent access to information across the management team.
  2. Create management tools and effectively integrate the three major management systems
    Through the process management tool in the solution, the compliance management system, internal control management system and risk management system are effectively integrated.
  3. Create a daily work platform to effectively improve management efficiency
    The D.GPRC solution integrates the daily activities of a range of departments within the second line of defence into the platform, effectively realizing the paperless, standardized and efficient daily work. This improves the efficiency of daily work, management, communication, and learning.
  4. Realize the routine operation of management and enable continuous improvement
    Through inspection, monitoring, evaluation and improvement functions, we can help enterprises to effectively operate their established compliance risk control and management system, build an improvement mechanism, and ensure the vitality of the system.

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