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Intelligent Virtual Contact Center. Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

This is IRENA. Intelligent Virtual Contact Center by Deloitte that can handle expected and unexpected spikes in inbound and outbound communication. No matter from which channel.


Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

How to solve thousands of queries effectively and quickly if your contact center is critically understaffed? How to deal with unexpected peaks, outbreaks of natural disasters, cases of energy, water and gas outages, when government support is needed or when campaigns need to be scaled up?

The answer is IRENA, your extra contact center capacities and one simple virtual platform with natural language assistance. Setting up an intelligent virtual contact center for public organizations and commercial clients has never been easier.

Scale up your Contact center

One solution. Three modules. How does it work?

The core of IRENA are 3 modules:

core modules of IRENA

We can then tune and enhance the deployed technology and implement additional features.

Why choose IRENA?

No borders. No time zones. No long-term investment needed. IRENA is quickly scalable and applicable across a range of industries and businesses. Available 24/7 from anywhere. Custom Conversational AI scripts and custom language choices result in a custom experience

Key Benefits

IRENA is a modular, cloud-based Intelligent Virtual Contact Center platform that is built on the best available technologies, with Deloitte augmenting the integration and available languages across the systems. IRENA is highly flexible, scalable, quick to implement and follows the pay-as-you-go pricing model.


Deloitte implements its Intelligent Contact Center solutions by creating a new system from scratch, or by upscaling the existing call centers that companies currently use. We have three main systems – a Virtual Call Center, Voicebot/Chatbot Assistance and Case Management System that can be implemented individually or as a whole solution, including technology development, agent onboarding, and call script implementation. After the initial pilot, we modify and enhance the platform, then hand it over to you and remain available to assist.

Real-life scenarios covered by IRENA

IRENA is a technological solution for on-demand communications. It is ready to answer questions automatically, speed-up the introduction and provide immediate assistance. No matter what kind of daily situation or crisis you are facing.

Intelligent Virtual Contact Center for 5 real situations

  • Healthcare

    Solution for onboarding patients and medical exams

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  • Crisis Management

    Solution for helping refugees adapt to a new situation

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Solution for onboarding patients and medical exams

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  • Government Support

    Solution for informing the citizens about important news

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  • Outreach Campaign

    Solution for sending alerts and notifications to customers

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  • Pharmacovigilance

    Advanced solution for handling 24/7 service in a highly regulated environment

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