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Deloitte Legal Update

In our Deloitte Legal Update webcast series, we address current legal issues as well as legal trends and developments that are important for corporate practice.

A list of some webcasts already held, including downloads of the presentations in English language, can be found here. Please note, that not all webcast presentations are available in English language. For more presentations, please visit our webcast archive in German language.

Please note that we have only provided the presentations used as a basis for the oral presentations, which cannot reflect the contents of the webcasts in all details - the spoken word applies. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Employment law and data protection in the successful implementation of IT systems: Best practice approaches

05 June 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #11/2024

Banking as a Service: Part of the future of financial services?

22 May 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #10/2024

Distressed M&A: The Fine Art of the Bespoke Deal | Session 2: Labour law options

08 May 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #9/2024

Barrier-Free Accessibility Reinforcement Act (BFSG)

24 April 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #8/2024

Operating globally - compliant from a labor law and tax law perspective - Employer of Record & Co.

10 April 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #6/2024

Contract Metadata and Beyond

13 March 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #5/2024

Successfully managing real estate transactions - Stumbling blocks in the due diligence phase

28 February 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #4/2024

Distressed M&A - The Fine Art of the Bespoke Deal

14 February 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #3/2024

Dealing with cyber threats - Recognize, react and secure

17 January 2024 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #1/2024

Get ready for 2024

13 December 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #18/2023

Equal pay and pay transparency 2023: Pay Transparency Directive and the amendment of the German Pay Transparency Act

29 November 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #17/2023

Trademark Law Insight: Practical aspects of the right-preserving trademark use

15 November 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #16/2023

Loan sales as a portfolio management tool 

2 November 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #15/2023

Update on the Social Partner Model (SPM): Pure defined contribution pension commitment before the breakthrough in practice?

4 October 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #13/2023

The new German Foundation Law is here - what opportunities does the 2023 amendment to the Foundation Law create?

20 September 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #12/2023

Sound Compensation Update 2023: Employment law and regulatory update for remuneration systems of institutes

6 September 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #11/2023

Regulation and Compliance - Mastering Complexity with RegMonitoring by Deloitte

21 June 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #10/2023

Introduction and application of IT systems from an employment and data protection law perspective - practical implementation and best practice

7 June 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #9/2023

Transparency Register Update | Recent developments at national and EU level

29 March 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #5/2023

Why lawyers shouldn't fear generative AI - but should still keep an eye on it​

15 March 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #4/2023

Remuneration of Works Council/Staff Council and Remuneration of Supervisory Board – Update 2023

1 March 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #3/2023

The UmRUG is here: More flexibility for cross-border corporate structural measures – What opportunities does the new law create?

15 February 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #2/2023

Update Labour Law 2023

18 January 2023 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #1/2023

How M&A can help to repair crumbling supply chains - What to watch out for?

14 December 2022 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #18/2022

Arbitration as a dispute resolution tool: Advantages and disadvantages, tips and tricks, dos and don'ts

9 November 2022 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #15/2022. 

German Act on the Notification of Conditions Governing the Employment Relationship 2022

14 September 2022 | Deloitte Legal Webcast #11/2022. 

Outlook 2022 - Economy, strategy, law - where is the journey headed and what to do now

9 February 2022 | Deloitte Legal Update #2/2022. 

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