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Audit & Assurance goed beyond just the numbers. It’s about attesting to a company's accomplishments and challenges, and helping to assure a strong foundation for future aspirations. Deloitte focuses on the what, how, and why of change so you’re always ready to anticipate the next step.

What is Audit & Assurance and what do we do?

Deloitte Audit & Assurance has established a unique position in the world of audit & assurance today. Our comprehensive calibration of accountability
empowers our clients to improve continuously; to be more connected
and have a greater impact that matters.

There’s more to our clients’ numbers, like accomplishments and aspirations. By letting the numbers speak objectively, we bring assurance to aspiration by delivering an accurate and validated picture of the world, mapping the direction of change as it happens by adding our broad historical perspective to financial ­information, we have ­expanded our traditional approach to ­financial reporting to include elements that look ahead and cover a wider scope of topics like corporate culture, sustainability practices, ethical standards and practices, social responsibility practices, corporate purpose and cyber risk. 

In other words, today’s complex business environment requires the audit to be dynamic, multidisciplinary and insightful. Companies expect audits to provide real-time, relevant information and to evolve with their changing businesses and processes. So, we must be their forward-looking sparring partner, enabling them through being accountable. We empower our clients by helping them to stay a truer course. With Deloitte Audit they won’t lose sight of their own commitments but continue to run their business to achieve their aspirations and deliver on a broader purpose, while best serving the public interest. 

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Positioning themes

We excel in our holistic approach to Audit & Assurance by delivering on 5 key strengths: an unexpected level of Quality, an open Culture that stimulates meaningful dialogue, a Multi-Disciplinary Model for nurturing inclusive thinking, upholding Responsibility for all we deliver and ­finally; being Digital and Technology driven to ensure that we are pushing ourselves to keep innovating.

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