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The ethical behavior of our people is the foundation of Deloitte Central Europe’s success. Our reputation, both as individuals and as a firm, depends on it. We believe that everyone in our firm has a responsibility to make sure that what they do every day ensures the name “Deloitte” remains synonymous with quality.

Our clients place their trust in us and in the work that we do. It is of vital importance that each of us abides by the highest ethical standards. Doing so ensures we not only provide services of the highest quality, but creates a business environment that reflects our fundamental beliefs including integrity, confidentiality and responsibility.

Deloitte Central Europe’s Code of Conduct highlights those key characteristics which create an environment reflecting the highest professional standards. It incorporates the Ethical Principles and Shared Values that are common to all member firms within Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and which all affiliated employees are expected to follow closely.

This Code provides guidance, information, and references to written policies and resources to help you make the right choices on a daily basis. It does not and cannot cover every potential situation one might find themselves in, but through familiarization can guide you to making the best informed decision. For further guidance and support, our Ethics & Compliance Officer and others leaders are always available.

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