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The Forensic Technology team uses the most advanced technological solutions to retrieve, search and analyse large and complex data sets. This enables our clients to gather information that can be used to address litigation issues, investigations, regulatory and financial crime requirements.

Today’s leading organisations use a wide range of systems that enable them to instantly create, send, search and store data in order to automate their business operations. However, the quantity and diversity of data produced can be challenging. In particular, this is the case when there is a need to manage the review and analysis of that data in response to litigation, investigation or regulatory request.

Establishing the facts of such cases, whether concerning illegal acts, bad business practice, or fraud can be time consuming, costly, and exceptionally high risk. The process of collecting, reviewing, analysing, and producing electronic, audio, and hard copy documents requires specialist expertise and experience.

Our team helps clients deal with these data challenges quickly and effectively. Working with Forensic Technology practices across the world, we provide technology solutions and analytical support to a wide range of clients, from the largest multinational to a small tech start-up. Our work increasingly employs specialised competencies, such as advanced analytics, visualisation, geospatial techniques and the latest data review technologies.

Our Forensic Technology team principally comprises specialists in two key disciplines:

  • Forensic Analytics
  • Deloitte Discovery

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Aaron Goldfinch

Aaron Goldfinch

Partner, Leader for Forensic Deloitte Poland

Aaron leads the Deloitte Poland Forensic practice and has more than eighteen years of business consulting experience, which includes working for banks under regulatory scrutiny. For the last nine year... More

Mariusz Bereśniewicz

Mariusz Bereśniewicz

Manager | Forensic – Investigations

Mariusz is responsible for forensic investigations and compliance audits. He has more than 10 year of experience in investigating fraud cases related to misappropriation of assets, corruption, conflic... More

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