Commercial due diligence


Commercial due diligence, growth strategy and post merger integration (PMI)

As acquisition decisions carry far-reaching implications for the entity’s growth, it is imperative to get well prepared in advance

Recently, commercial due diligence has grown in popularity due to increased activity on the M&A market, in addition to the development of the private equity fund sector. This has also been driven by growing complexity of the products and services available on the market as well as the emergence of a number of new, narrow specializations the understanding of which is key for proper assessment of the investment potential. Commercial due diligence not only accelerates greatly the process of the buyer’s making informed investment decisions but also speeds up the sales process and enhances the credibility of the seller.

By joining forces with Deloitte, Clients gain access to proven methodologies and may draw on the experience of local experts as well as the international expertise of professionals from the Deloitte network of member firms (including in the Unites States or Western Europe).

In the context of ongoing globalization, business expansion on new markets and, in effect, growing competition, it is crucial to design a successful commercial strategy. With the support of Deloitte, Clients are in a considerably better position to withstand the competitive pressure both on the existing and on new markets.

Our Commercial Due Diligence and Strategy Team brings insights into the development and evaluation of business strategies in the context of the market, competitive and regulatory environment. Deloitte’s experienced consultants deliver services to Clients across Central and Eastern Europe.

In particular, we specialize in:

A. Commercial due diligence, including analyses of:

  • market environment, with a special focus on the competition, market trends as well as other factors affecting market growth
  • entity’s offering of products and services
  • entity’s client base
  • the business plan.

B. Development and evaluation of strategies:

  • market entry strategy
  • growth strategy
  • sales strategy.

C. Post-merger integration (PMI):

  • design of the integration plan
  • definition of the strategy and organization of the merged entities
  • support in implementation management (PMO).

We offer extensive experience gained in numerous industries, specifically:

  • consumer products and retail
  • healthcare
  • professional services
  • manufacturing
  • TMT.