Dominika Alicka

Grants and Incentives

Senior Manager in Tax Advisory Department

Dominika Alicka

Dominika has more than ten years of experience with securing support from non-commercial sources (grants from EU and national funds as well as tax incentives for R&D and investment projects) and delivering services aimed to ensure that such support is properly used and reported. She advises clients at every stage of the process aimed to improve the effectiveness of their operations through the use of the available incentives. Not only does she provide assistance in identifying the activities and costs that are eligible for support, conducting comprehensive aid availability analyses and selecting an effective financing model but also in the preparation of complete sets of application documents. She also focuses on project management coordination, development of implementation procedures and training clients in best aid reporting practices, in addition to bringing insights into the creation of research agendas as well as the design of long-term R&D and investment financing strategies.

She performs legal status analyses, including the assessment of satisfaction of SME criteria and private investor tests.