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We believe the power of human connection fosters a more productive, innovative, and inclusive society. By bringing together people, clients, nonprofits, and communities, we can develop innovative solutions around society’s most pressing issues, from today’s global pandemic to helping nonprofits deliver on their missions and innovate into the future. Through our Deloitte community, we aim to achieve lasting social impact for the greater good.

Supporting communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our mission is to harness the collective power of Deloitte’s people to help change lives, build stronger systems, and shape the future. During this global crisis, this commitment is sustained as we care for our people, clients, and communities. Even while physically distancing—we are virtually connecting to create community—so we can make an impact that matters today, but also one that takes us into a brighter, stronger future.

Deloitte’s commitment to supporting the fight against COVID-19 includes financial support of nonprofits and communities. Across our businesses, we’re exploring needs on an ongoing basis with clients, industry peers, nonprofits, and community leaders so we can bring the vast skills, experience, of our people through remote pro bono and skills-based volunteering.

In response to the toll of the pandemic on our country, and in realization of the critical need to support those who are struggling to get the resources, supplies and help they need in the short term, Deloitte has made a financial commitment to response and relief efforts. Learn more about the latest commitment in supporting communities through COVID-19.


Deloitte’s social impact efforts recognized by Points of Light

Deloitte has been recognized for the seventh consecutive year as one of the most community-minded organizations in the nation as part of The Civic 50. According to Points of Light, the Civic 50 initiative sets the standard for private-sector organizations seeking to best use their time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business. At Deloitte, we foster a culture of purpose and are committed to using our knowledge, skills, and experience to make a difference in our communities by helping address pressing social issues. Deloitte is honored to be recognized for that with our selection to The Civic 50 seven years in a row!


EveryDay Impact Story: Deloitte US is supporting United Way’s COVID Response & Recovery work

Working towards combating persistent inequality

At Deloitte, we believe in a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture to support a productive and prosperous society. Advances in technology and digitization are transforming the ways in which we work, live, and learn. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the type of work people do and how it is done. That’s why we’re committed to helping educate and equip people with tools to help them thrive and succeed in a dynamic economy.

Our purpose is brought to life every day through our commitment to help build bridges between education, skills training, and employment as part of the WorldClass ambition to affect 100 million futures. We’re using the strength of the Deloitte community to help people uncover pathways to prosperity through college readiness, skills development, and employment access initiatives.

Workforce development

Deloitte PathwaysTM is our commitment to helping prepare youth, the workforce, and employers in a new economy. With widening economic inequality, we are investing in the education, skills, and training of Americans to help create a prosperous, inclusive society.

Deloitte is contributing to workforce development through nonprofit collaborations and thought leadership. Read the Deloitte Global Workforce of the Future report, coauthored with the Global Business Coalition for Education through the Skills Friendly Cities initiative.


Deloitte is committed to helping people reach their full potential by building a foundation of education that leads to fulfilling employment opportunities. Focusing on addressing education and college readiness opportunity gaps can help more students overcome obstacles they face as they pursue higher education on the path to a meaningful career. Deloitte provides a range of opportunities for our professionals to invest their time and talent to support students with a focused goal: to help prepare and inspire more students to persist through high school and college, and then transition to the workforce.

Due to the challenges we have all been facing during the pandemic, it is vital that we continue to provide support to our young people to help them navigate virtual learning, and pursue their higher education and career goals.

Deloitte Academy, our signature high school mentoring program, connects Deloitte professionals with students who aspire to achieve success in college and career. In response to the 2020 pandemic, we’ve created 90-minute workshops that are delivered virtually. The workshops leverage Deloitte Academy’s active-learning approach to keep participants engaged and are supported by ready to use materials for use in individual workshops or part of a series. The topics address a variety of college and career skills, as well as well-being topics to help students care for their personal, professional, and academic needs.

The newly-launched Deloitte Academy: Accounting Edition is part of Making Accounting Diverse and Equitable (MADE)—Deloitte’s commitment to generate more advisory, auditing, and tax career opportunities and leadership pathways for the next generation of certified public accountants (CPAs). MADE represents a bold vision for the accounting profession, both in terms of increasing racial and ethnic diversity, and helping students of color see and realize their future in business through the prism and possibilities of accounting.

Learn more about the impact Deloitte Academy mentors are making in the lives of students as part of the WorldClass ambition to impact 50 million futures (video).

Deloitte’s Virtual Mentoring Program leverages the Strive for College UStrive online platform that connects our professionals with high school and college students to help them prepare for college, career, and a world of opportunity. The program is funded by the Deloitte Foundation, whose mission is to support education through a variety of initiatives that help develop the next generation of diverse business leaders. Through UStrive, students who qualify for financial assistance can opt into free, one-to-one mentoring to help them navigate the college application process, including essay assistance and resume review, as well as creating a time management plan, preparing for internships and jobs, and broad guidance on their college and career path. The students and mentors connect virtually through UStrive, enabling mentors and mentees to connect anywhere, anytime.

To date, Deloitte professionals and retired Partners/Principals/Managing Directors have mentored more than 7,500 students.

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Join Deloitte in helping a student as they pursue their higher education goals and careers. Learn about mentoring opportunities in your local community through the MENTOR Mentoring Connector. An average of one hour a month can change a young person’s life.

How we deliver impact

Through our commitments, we make an impact that matters year-round

Pro bono and skills-based volunteering

Deloitte’s pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs are key components of our commitment to help achieve lasting social impact by bringing the skills and experience of our people to nonprofits. Our pro bono engagements—which span 935,000 hours of time in pro bono service over the past 12 years—deploy teams full-time and leverage our service capabilities to help address organizations’ most pressing issues. In addition to pro bono, Deloitte professionals volunteer more than 158,000 hours every year leveraging their skills and experience to help community-based nonprofits.


Deloitte makes an impact through corporate donations and foundation and workplace giving. Through our workplace giving program, our leaders and professionals have contributed more than $20M annually over the past decade to United Way, Deloitte Foundation RightStep Education Fund, and US charities.

Volunteer Councils and Social Impact Communities

Led by Deloitte professionals who contribute their time to manage and develop volunteer projects across the United States year-round.

Board membership

Deloitte professionals consistently demonstrate their exceptional commitment to the nonprofit community by serving as board members.


For more on Sustainability and to view progress against our goals, check out the Sustainability column under “Focus Areas and Core Commitments” on our Purpose Hub.

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