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Pro bono and skills-based volunteering

Making an impact. Every day.

Deloitte’s pro bono and skills-based volunteering programs are key components of our commitment to help achieve lasting social impact for the greater good.

Pro Bono + Inclusive Leadership

A new paper developed in collaboration between Deloitte and the Taproot FoundationPro Bono + Inclusive Leadership ― examines how pro bono service is emerging as an impactful growth opportunity for cultivating inclusive leaders. Through a series of profiles, the paper showcases how six Deloitte professionals have connected their pro bono experiences to key inclusive leadership traits ― commitment, courage, cognizance of bias, curiosity, cultural intelligence, and collaboration ― and then applied those learnings to their day-to-day work. This piece aims to illustrate the exciting opportunity for learning and development (L&D), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals to work together in driving meaningful employee development and engagement.

Pro bono guiding principle

The guiding principle of the Deloitte pro bono program is to treat our pro bono clients exactly the same way we treat our paid clients.

When our clients hire us, they seek and expect the full depth and breadth of the capabilities that Deloitte has to offer. We realized that it should be the same with our pro bono clients. Why? Because, while each pro bono project is championed by someone at Deloitte who is passionate about the cause, the resources available to deliver the work extend far beyond that individual and their capabilities. For us, this means deploying teams full-time and leveraging our service delivery capabilities with excellence, including The Deloitte Greenhouse® Breakthrough Labs.


Our pro bono program is a centerpiece of Deloitte’s community-powered efforts

Deloitte’s full-time pro bono program is highly aligned to Deloitte’s global initiative, WorldClass, and our investments are focused on helping people, the workforce, and employers find a path to education and training, skills, and jobs in a new economy.

Pro bono investments are part of Deloitte’s commitment to leverage the collective intelligence and ambition of our people to help nonprofits develop innovative solutions to address their most critical issues and help drive transformational social outcomes.

Our pro bono social impact strategy is focused on investments with organizations that are helping young people prepare for college, as well as closing the skills gap and creating pathways to employment to help improve social and economic opportunities. By bringing together our network of people, clients, nonprofits, and communities, we can develop innovative solutions around society’s pressing issues.

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Skills-based volunteering

In addition to our formal pro bono projects, Deloitte professionals volunteer more than 158,000 hours every year leveraging their skills and experience to help local nonprofits in the community tackle pressing challenges such as talent development, data analysis, and donor engagement. Support can range from one-day workshops to six-month projects where individuals volunteer 2-5 hours per week. These programs not only allow us to help drive social impact for the greater good, they also grow our talent by providing professional skill development, and team building opportunities. These programs not only allow us to help drive social impact for the greater good, they also grow our talent by providing professional skill development, and team building opportunities.

  • StepupDeloitte’s largest professional skills-based volunteering program is centered on providing experiences that allow our practitioners to apply and develop their professional and leadership skills while also making a positive social impact in areas of personal passion. More than 700+ Deloitte professionals volunteer their services year-round to help empower 100+ nonprofits across the nation by supporting their efforts to answer strategic questions and solve complex challenges.
  • Board service: 4600+ Deloitte professionals demonstrate their exceptional commitment to the nonprofit community by serving as nonprofit board members. We also offer programs and resources for Deloitte leaders who serve on nonprofit boards.
  • Inspire: Deloitte professionals volunteer through Inspire, a national nonprofit comprised of volunteers from leading management consulting firms that seeks to help leaders of nonprofit organizations make critical decisions about the future of their organization. Through Inspire, our professionals offer management and strategy consulting services to nonprofit organizations and schools.
  • Service trips: Annually, on average, 200+ Deloitte Consulting LLP professionals collaborate with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to develop and deliver service-related consulting projects in countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua. Learn about D2i.
Purpose through skills-based volunteering

Deloitte and New Profit: a strategic pro bono relationship

Since 2013, Deloitte and New Profit, a nonprofit venture philanthropy organization, have collaborated on 42 pro bono projects to build the capacity of 38 nonprofit and social impact organizations that collectively reach millions of people across the US. Deloitte provides a broad range of strategic support, including leadership and board development, monitoring and evaluation, financial sustainability, impact modeling, and growth strategy.

Through pro bono service, Deloitte makes an Impact Every Day by helping nonprofits develop innovative solutions and address their most critical issues.

Over the past 12 years, Deloitte professionals have devoted more than 935,000 hours of their time and talent in pro bono service to support our communities. 

In FY20 alone, we delivered more than 62,000 hours of full-time pro bono service, and more than 158,000 hours of professional, skills-based volunteerism to help national and local nonprofits tackle pressing challenges.

When I look back on our work and the community of leaders we have helped build, it amazes me to think that nearly every organization we have supported has had Fortune 500-caliber strategy support from Deloitte.
— Vanessa Kirsch, founder and CEO, New Profit

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