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D2international (D2i) is Deloitte Government and Public Service’s (GPS) flagship international social impact program. We were founded on the belief that doing good is good business. After a decade of consulting and advisory projects with non-profits and social enterprises across the world, helping them tackle a variety of wicked problems, we are just as confident in that belief.

Our work

Fellowship: D2i’s flagship program is a 4-month social impact service delivery fellowship for junior professionals. Each year, D2i works with changemakers around the world to showcase how the private, public, and social impact sectors can collaborate to address wicked problems facing our world. Find the latest Fellowship Impact Report in Our publications on this page below.

D2i Research - COVID-19 Impact on the Nonprofit Sector: Starting in June 2020, D2i’s COVID-19 Research Team started a short-term research project with the goal of understanding COVID-19’s impact to nonprofit and social enterprises’ missions, programs, operations, and funding. The research team engaged with representatives from eleven nonprofit and social enterprises through a tailored survey and series of ethnographic interviews. After analyzing the research outputs, it became clear that nonprofits and social enterprises face unique, complicated challenges and benefits as a result of COVID-19 when compared to other industries. Through these research findings, we hope to provide a small snapshot of challenges, innovations, and silver linings these organizations have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic. Take a first look at our initial findings by hitting the download button on the right, or scrolling to "Our publications" below! Hear the team present their findings at Making Cents' Global Youth Economic Opportunities (GYEO) closing summit; the session includes a panel discussion with three of D2i's partner organizations: Sabre Education, Fundación Juanfe, and Hagar International.

Following the initial phase of research, the D2i COVID-19 Research Team started a second phase of research in November 2020 with two objectives: (1) understand how nonprofits and social enterprises have responded to the pandemic, especially as it relates to technology and (2) identify potential future scenarios that may emerge over the next 2-3 years to help organizations navigate the continued pandemic-related uncertainty. The team interviewed 30 nonprofit organizations, 7 social enterprises, and 9 international industry experts, and is excited to share their findings in this Deloitte white paper. Find the report in Our publications on this page below.

Summer Scholar Program: The D2i Summer Scholar Program (SSP) is an 8-week fellowship for Deloitte’s Summer Scholars. The SSP currently supports the Juanfe Foundation, a Colombian non-profit that works to break the transgenerational poverty cycle among teenage mothers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Since 2014, D2i has worked with Mozaik Foundation, a social enterprise organization that identifies, empowers, and invests into young entrepreneurial leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cambodia: D2i works with two organizations in Cambodia that were part of the 2019 D2i Fellowship. These organizations take unique approaches to combatting human trafficking. Chab Dai is a movement-building organization that leads a coalition of organizations across Cambodia, as well as providing survivor restoration, community empowerment and systems strengthening. Hagar International provides services directly to survivors of human trafficking and abuse, through a survivor-centered model that walks the entire journey to recovery with them.

Chile: D2i works with two organizations based out of Santiago, Chile that were part of the 2018 D2i Fellowship. Mi Parque is a public spaces organization that engages in a community-led, participative process to build public spaces that everyone can be proud of in their community. Algramo is an innovative social enterprise changing how staple goods are received to enable a sustainable, cost effectiveness, and inclusive circular economy.

Colombia: D2i works with Edumetria, an organization that aims to create innovative and cost-effective educational models that help bridge the gap in educational achievement in rural and urban areas, while addressing socio-economic and gender issues.

Ghana: D2i works with two organizations in Ghana that were part of the 2020 D2i Fellowship. These organizations focus on efforts to increase access to education and skill development. Sabre Education works to improve the futures of poor and marginalized children in Ghana, by working to give them the best possible early education. Soronko Academy aims to empower woman and girls to realize their economic potential through technical and soft skills development and training. Deloitte is working with Soronko to help them expand their class offerings through partnerships with companies as well as help build a talent pipeline for Soronko’s alumni to obtain employment after their courses.

India: D2i works with two organizations in India that were part of the 2021 D2i Fellowship. These organizations focus on driving policy and infrastructure to reduce climate change. Oorja helps build climate resiliency by shifting away from traditional fossil fuels to solar power, a clean and renewable energy source. Practical Action’s mission is to find innovative solutions climate change by connecting people and community members to make systemic changes across agriculture, water access, and waste management.

Kenya: D2i supports Ongoza, an accelerator that helps growth-oriented entrepreneurs scale their businesses through a highly tailored program that provides entrepreneurs with the expertise, connections and business fundamentals needed to succeed.

Paraguay: D2i works with the Surgeons of Hope foundation, an NYC-based global nonprofit established in 2001, with the aim of providing every infant and child with a damaged heart an equal opportunity to receive life-saving surgery. The organization approaches this need by providing care, cultivating skills in local medical teams, and constructing centers of care in developing countries. D2i is working with Surgeons of Hope to provide support in designing a pilot satellite Hospital Center to enhance its operations in Paraguay aligned with the above core tenets. D2i is also working in concert with Surgeons of Hope’s operations team to support its partnership with the Acosta Ñu Children’s Hospital.

Puerto Rico: D2i’s first joint effort between D2i professionals and a project team is with Parallel18, a business accelerator program that aims to support economic growth and entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico.

Algorithmic Justice League: D2i works with the Algorithmic Justice League, an organization that combines art and research to illuminate the social implications of artificial intelligence. AJL’s mission is to raise awareness about the impacts of AI, equip advocates with empirical research, build the voice and choice of the most impacted communities, and galvanize researchers, policy makers, and industry practitioners to mitigate AI harms and biases. D2i is working with AJL to conduct research into the standards, best practices, and barriers present in the AI auditing space today.

FINCA Forward: D2i works with FINCA Forward, a technical assistance platform designed to 1) support Micro Financial Institutions (MFIs) to identify and prioritize opportunities for innovation and to learn from the global market of B2B entrepreneurs developing solutions to address operational challenges, and 2) provide impact-focused B2B fintech startups access to financial institutions to test, iterate, and refine products in a proof of concept environment, develop scalable solutions, and build investable ventures.

Global Millennial Leadership Program (GMLP): D2i’s Global Millennial Leadership Program supports young professionals around the world as they innovate solutions to today’s most pressing issues. In 2022, GLMP will support the State Department’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) to invest in the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs via fellowships with Deloitte. GMLP fellows leverage the firm’s expertise in management, advisory, and business best practices for their own projects in a variety of social impact-oriented fields.

Social Franchising Community of Practice: D2i’s Social Franchising Community of Practice (“SF CoP”) works with three social enterprises: 1) Access Afya, a Kenyan-based primary healthcare clinic, 2) Unlocking Communities, a water filtration business that operates in Haiti and 3) Be Girl, a global design company that provides affordable menstruation products. The SF CoP works with executive teams to conduct market expansion/analysis, customer strategy and annual strategic planning to empower franchises to develop and scale their business across emerging markets. The SF CoP has captured lessons learned working with its collection of portfolio companies and has published several white papers including with the International Franchise Association (IFA) and becoming a thought leader in a growing industry.

Vital Voices: Vital Voices identifies women leaders from across the globe with daring visions for change and partners with them to help make the visions a reality. D2i works with Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards Honorees every year to provide consulting services.

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