Transforming to thrive

The path to becoming a model-based enterprise

Manufacturers are facing market pressure to dramatically reduce program development time and labor. What they need is a deeper understanding of what’s required to become a true model-based enterprise (MBE) and the tools that can help them accelerate transformation.

Elements of a model-based enterprise

Modeling in engineering is not new, but what’s emerging is the capacity to create models across the product life cycle that are connected upstream and downstream. The heart of a MBE is the digital thread—a single strand of data and computing that flows from a product’s conception and engineering through production and to its aftermarket maintenance. It exists in an environment functioning solely on models and it includes all the process and system capabilities that enable digital twins, of which there are three types.

Accelerating transformation with preconfigured solutions

Recognizing the complexity and enterprise need, Deloitte developed four preconfigured solutions using best-in-class software from Siemens Digital Industries that can help expedite and enhance transformation across digital engineering, industrial simulation, manufacturing execution, and real-time monitoring.

Design with DPLM
Accelerates product life cycle management transformations with a multiphased approach, including defining the vision, assessing the organization’s existing capabilities, identifying opportunities, and defining future state supported by a phased, multiyear PLM road map and business case.

Simulate with DSim
Permits the ability to test and refine processes in a virtual environment, rapidly revealing the most efficient and effective industrial processes more quickly than is possible in a real-world environment.

Execute with DMES
Integrates predefined processes in production planning, execution, tracking and tracing, quality management, closing production units, data collection, and visualization, with integrations with PLM and ERP.

Monitor DIoT
An integrated accelerator that helps deliver IoT capabilities faster, driving quicker returns for high-impact areas while cultivating digital adoption.

The Deloitte and Siemens alliance

The Siemens and Deloitte alliance puts your success at the center of everything we do to deliver end-to-end enterprise transformations that help you move quickly from road map to value realization. Discover how Siemens Teamcenter PLM, Opcenter MES, Insights Hub (formerly MindSphere IoT) and Mendix and Polarion software can help you define your transformation strategy and build a business case to unlock its value. With Deloitte’s experience, you won’t just survive the digital age, you’ll thrive.

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