The Deloitte Compliance Platform

Helping to manage your third-party business relationships

Increasingly, as multinationals seek growth globally, third parties can provide valuable local contacts, knowledge, and cultural insights. Yet third parties may also represent a considerable compliance risk to your organization at a time when regulators are demanding that companies have strong compliance programs in areas such as anti-corruption/bribery, ethics & compliance, trade controls, conflict minerals, and human rights.

How we can help

The Deloitte Compliance Platform (DCP) can help your company tip the scales such that the benefits outweigh the costs and the focus is kept directly on your company's risk appetite and compliance objectives. Our solution is designed to help your company account for the unique challenges that your company faces. Our tailored approach helps organizations effectively manage their third-party business relationships.

DCP is a combination of two equally important components:

  • The first is a team of Deloitte specialists with knowledge of internal controls, compliance, and subject matters such as anti-corruption, export controls, and conflict minerals
  • The second is a software application that collects valuable information directly from the third parties but more importantly assists in evaluating the potential risks of the third party and potential remedial actions that mitigate the risks identified


DCP bottom-line benefits:

  • It’s your platform
  • It makes the process more efficient for you
  • It serves as your central repository and audit trail
  • It's a thoughtful, risk-based approach to compliance


The Deloitte Compliance Platform

Businesses today have to make tough choices about how far to take their third-party compliance program. The answer, like many business decisions, involves a careful balance between costs and benefits, not the least of which is maintaining desired risk levels. Learn more about how DCP can help your organization manage third party business relationships by downloading our brochure.

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