Tech-Enabled Investigations Spark Experience

Harnessing investigation capabilities for accelerated performance

Disruption is a common thread that unites fraud, waste, corruption, and other threats. Each threat can significantly impact your organization legally, financially, operationally, and reputationally. Deloitte’s Tech-Enabled Investigations Spark Experience can help your forensic team experience firsthand the latest innovations in threat sensing, horizon scanning, forensic investigation, proactive resilience, and crisis response.

Three recent trends that complicate an organization’s efforts to address such threats:

Trend 1: Hyper-connectivity and technological innovations create cyber risks and other potential vulnerabilities even as they enable new business and operating models and open new market opportunities.

Trend 2: The extended enterprise, which includes suppliers and their subcontractors, customers, and other business relationships, is potentially fertile ground for fraud, waste, and corruption, especially as this ecosystem grows every day and relationships now often span both developed and developing nations.

Trend 3: The regulatory environment’s constant change and the increasingly wide net cast by governments around the world are accompanied by increasing cost of compliance and risk of regulatory scrutiny.

Organizations that can effectively exploit the inherent opportunities each trend brings—and do so in balance with their risk exposure—often have a distinct advantage over those that don’t. What does that take? An integrated approach to forensic investigations can help organizations effectively identify and weigh anticipated threats while sensing unknown and unanticipated ones.

See the future of forensic in action

Deloitte’s Tech-Enabled Investigations Spark Experience is an immersive, half-day experience where your forensic team can experience firsthand the latest innovations in threat sensing, horizon scanning, forensic investigation, proactive resilience, and crisis response. Discover how integrating advanced strategies, methods, skills, and technologies can help you enhance your organization’s forensic capabilities.

Through Deloitte’s Tech-Enabled Investigations Spark Experience, your team can:

  • Explore the meaning of tech-enabled investigations via an interactive experience and uncover the current state of internal investigations.
  • Immerse in emerging technologies and ignite your thinking around possibilities for how these technologies can transform investigations.
  • Shape the future by identifying promising and intriguing solutions that can elevate the current state of your organization’s forensic investigations team.

The Spark Experience environment is designed to create clear, crisp discussions that help your team reimagine the future of forensic and begin to map your journey. Your team can gain new insights into the quickly changing state of fraud, waste, and corruption, forensic investigations, and technology’s expanding role in each.

Our Tech-Enabled Investigations Spark Experience is powered by the Deloitte Greenhouse™ Experience, which leverages behavioral science, environmental psychology, design thinking, and strategy, to create immersive experiences. Based on thousands of similar sessions with senior executives and teams on a variety of topics, we understand why groups often get stuck and how to create the conditions to enhance breakthroughs.

Igniting new possibilities

We’ve designed the experience to help you dig into complex issues and work toward the breakthrough you need.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet with like-minded professionals. Our Spark Experience brings together subject matter and functional specialists to discuss how tech-enabled solutions can transform the investigation function.
  • Discuss real issues with our experienced specialists. You’ll have engaging conversations, one on one, with Deloitte specialists for insights on ways to tackle burning investigation issues at your organization.
  • Interact with our latest, cutting-edge solutions. During this Spark Experience, you’ll be able to engage in real-life scenarios, hear industry-leading perspectives, and begin brainstorming how to tackle your current business challenges.

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