Kickstart your AI/ML journey with Deloitte and AWS

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have demonstrated their power. Now it’s time to realize their business value.

Whether you’re in the early or late stages of data maturity, experts from both Deloitte and AWS teamed to deliver three webinars to share technical insights and valuable lessons to help you chart your AI/ML journey. View the webinars to get insights on:

  • The continuing work of placing AI/ML in a framework of repeatable process and reliable governance.
  • The ability for machines to handle unscripted human interaction in meaningful and productive ways.
  • Not only the eyes, but also the brains, that turn unstructured visual information into useful data.

Three webinars to pave your AI/ML path


Moving from experimentation to production-ML at scale

Whether you are at the early or late stages of MLOps maturity, you can reap benefits of standardizing and streamlining access to data, tracking the effectiveness of ongoing experiments, and reducing handoffs.

Conversational AI

Moving fast to gain insights from both humans and machines

Rapid adoption of Conversational AI solutions—including chatbots and voice assistants—will likely be underpinned by innovations in the various steps of development and often too fast for current skills gaps to catch up.

Computer Vision

Demystifying requirements, scalability, and other more

The topic and technologies related to Computer Vision are bridges that enterprises can take to create significant transformation. The journey can be invigorating to some and entirely frightening to others.



You’re either progressing along an AI/ML journey that empowers you to get real value out of the data all around us, or you aren’t. With a call to action that broad, it can be hard to know where or how to start. The three areas we focus on are among the strongest opportunities to jump-start that AI/ML maturity and path to value.

Learn how Deloitte + AWS can help you find your path forward with AI and ML.

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