Realize the benefits of AI and ML

It takes a practical ecosystem of applied and innovative technology to turn innovation into ROI. This eBook is written to set the stage.

Whether you are swimming in data or teaching voice bots to search and read from company literature, the state of AI/ML today means very little is out of reach. With the combined understanding of cloud leaders from both AWS and Deloitte, this report is designed to:

  • Pinpoint where the people with the most up-to-date experience in these tools think there is low-hanging fruit – in which organizations can benefit from right now.
  • Identify which capabilities lead to business advantages – from generalizations to specific use cases.
  • Detail “on-ramps” into the larger world of AI/ML implementation. Specifically, this book focuses on three game-changing AI and ML applications:



The continuing work of placing AI/ML in a framework of repeatable process and reliable governance.

Conversational AI

The ability for machines to handle unscripted human interaction in meaningful and productive ways.

Computer Vision

Not only the eyes, but also the brains, that turn unstructured visual information into useful data.



These aren’t the only AI/ML applications at the frontier of business today, but they are among the most wide-ranging and influential, across a variety of industries and use cases. For each of them, we’ll examine what’s possible, what’s happening in real organizations right now, and what it takes to make these advantages your own. Where can each of these innovations help move your business forward?

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