Benchmarking Prism by Deloitte

Memberships that provide executive value

Deloitte’s Global Benchmarking Center (GBC) has developed Benchmarking Prism, industry specific benchmarking memberships, enabling clients to evaluate their business performance against relevant peers with interactive data visualization tools

It’s all about the data

Executives need fact-based, industry-specific data to take decisive action and increase competitive advantage.

The cornerstone of each Benchmarking Prism is an annual benchmark that can provide fact-based data and insight needed to understand your potential cost reduction opportunities, where you have opportunities for investment, how your process investments compare to those of your peers, and what is driving the difference.

Unlock the power of your data with comparative analytics

Membership data visualization tools are designed to help you conduct comparative analytics: the comparison of your data to a group of peer organizations with demographics and operational characteristics closest to your own. This group of peers can then be refined by various filters such as process, geography, size, revenue, and other demographics to form comparators relevant to your organization.

Become a member

Deloitte continues to develop industry-specific benchmarking memberships that can provide the relevant peer comparisons executives need to make strategic decisions.

Membership is available for the following programs:


More information is available through the Benchmarking Prism website.

Contact us

If you are interested in one of the available Benchmarking Prism memberships, contact Deloitte’s Global Benchmarking Center.

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