Winning with digital marketplaces

This episode of That Makes Cents explores how digital marketplaces can foster growth in an increasingly competitive industry. Featuring a guest speaker from Macy's Inc.

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The rise of digital marketplaces ft. Macy’s, Inc.

Digital marketplaces help retailers meet their customers where they are by improving visibility, expanding assortment, reinforcing the omnichannel experience, and diversifying the supplier base to keep up with changing trends. This integration also allows retailers to extend visibility to brands that otherwise may not have garnered a similar platform in a short time span. In this episode, we speak with Matt Baer, chief customer and digital officer for Macy’s, Inc., and Oliver Siodmak, Global Marketplace Service Offering lead at Deloitte Digital, about Macy’s impactful digital marketplace integration in just under nine months.

When you’re launching a digital marketplace, you make sure it’s an enterprise initiative. This can’t be the chief digital officer or the SVP of digital commerce. This has to be an enterprise initiative where you get full alignment across the board, and you have to put in a lot of work in order to get there. It requires certain education, it requires certain advocacy, but you meet with cross-functional stakeholders, understand what are their goals, what are their strategies, what are their pain points, and then you can work together to identify how a marketplace helps them achieve their goals, helps them achieve their strategy, helps solve the pain points that are in their business.

— Matt Baer, chief customer and digital officer, Macy’s, Inc.

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