The six forces

Navigating the new world of consumer markets to help shape a better future

Through extensive research, Deloitte leaders have identified six key forces that will play a pivotal role in shaping the consumer industry, the business landscape, and the world over the next decade. In this time of unparalleled market uncertainty, consumer industry executives have the power to lead the charge of buying into better.

The world is facing a once-in-a-century economic, social, and technological transition. Nowhere is that change more visible than in the consumer industry. Over the past 20 years, consumer markets have seen dramatic changes in customer demographics, buying habits, and consumer preferences. However, those dynamics will pale in comparison to the paradigm shift we are about to see in the coming decade.

Like explorers of the past, faced with profound risk and uncertainty, industry leaders like yourself must forge ahead, recognizing the immense opportunity available. You need to understand the forces that are reshaping the consumer industry and the challenges and possibilities unfolding in the marketplace. Deloitte can help you better understand your consumers, the changes ahead, and the opportunities for your business. We can help you reshape your business to change behavior, explore new routes to alter the path of humanity, and create a better future.

The next decade will be shaped by six forces notable for not only their power but also their speed.

– Anthony Waelter, Vice Chair, US Consumer Industry Leader, Deloitte LLP

Buying into better™: The six forces shaping the future of the consumer industry

A brewing storm: The six forces

Chart a new course

The world today is one filled with rapid change, unprecedented disruption, and increasing uncertainty. For businesses, humanity, and the planet to thrive, we must all work together. We all have an important responsibility. Consumers, companies, governments, communities, and society must buy into better. Buying into better will require us to make choices based on purpose, not just profit.

In this climate of uncertainty, it is easy to feel unmoored. But we must forge ahead, recognizing the immense opportunities available to us. This requires a new approach to business: the bravery to see what others do not, the discipline to manage risk in ways others cannot, and the boldness to reshape our businesses and our broader shared future for the better. 

Executives will need to understand the industry implications of these six forces on three dimensions of business. Learn more about markets, models, and mechanics.


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US Consumer Industry Leader
Deloitte LLP
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Chief Futurist | US Consumer Industry
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