Buying into better™: Shaping tomorrow’s consumer industry today

Learn how Deloitte is helping our clients better meet customer demands

In this time of significant economic, social, and technological transition, consumers are using their dollars to effect the change they want to see in the world. They’re buying into better by choosing brands that align with their values and needs. At Deloitte, we’re helping clients reach a deeper understanding of their customers, innovate, and fuse profit with purpose to achieve better outcomes.

Monitoring shifts in customer preferences to create a better future

What happens when you really listen to the signals your customers are sending to understand who they are, what they look like below the surface, and what they truly want? You’ll find an empowered consumer that wants a better future for themselves, their communities, and the planet. Better purpose. Better trust. Better experience. Better value. And they’re redirecting their spending power to get just that.

Video statistics sourced from Deloitte’s State of the Consumer Tracker based on data collected and analyzed by the Deloitte Consumer Industry Center and 2022 American Express Travel, Global Travel Trends Report.

Amid today’s once-in-a-century economic, social, and technology transitions, consumers are demanding companies do more than just meet their basic needs. Rather, they expect something far greater: an unwavering commitment to purpose, trust, transparency, and innovation. In short, consumers are buying into better. And the industry’s leading brands are buying into better, too.

At Deloitte, our world-class consumer and market-sensing capabilities help us understand the massive shifts our consumers are facing driven by personal preferences, environmental concerns, global pandemics, social justice, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical conflicts, and more. We leverage these capabilities to bring insights that help our clients build and deliver products and services that align with their customers’ values and desires and create lasting competitive advantages and enduring customer relationships.

Better starts here

Explore our latest data, analysis, and perspectives, and learn how we’re helping to reimagine the way consumer companies do business, from how they engage their customers, to how they’re creating a more resilient supply chain and contributing to a net-zero future.

Why buy into Deloitte?

Deloitte’s depth, breadth, and experience collaborating with many of the world’s most forward-thinking automotive, consumer products, retail, transportation, hospitality, and services brands offers us the ability to provide deeper consumer behavior insights and a decisive strategy, no matter what your business objective. We’re passionate about looking ahead and around corners to help you create greater relevancy for your brand; greater trust, innovation, and value for your customers; and greater confidence in your company’s resilience, agility, and vision.

Interested in learning how our innovations and insights can help your business thrive and your customers buy the better they want to see in the world? Begin a conversation with our Consumer team today, and together, let’s get started.

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