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2024 banking & capital markets M&A outlook

Inflation, interest rate hikes, and geopolitical conflict – that’s the tagline for last year’s muted M&A activity across B&CM in the United States. So how did M&A activity play out in 2023—and what does the current state of play mean to industry participants weighing their next chess move? Participants will discover ways to leverage a volatile market and incorporate an agile mindset to help them succeed. 

2024 insurance M&A outlook: Climbing the leaderboard

In the world of insurance M&A, 2023 was asleepy year. What were some of the conditions that caused 2023 to play out as it did, and what are the implications for ambitious players aiming to climb the leaderboard? Participants will discover how to proactively develop a clear and concise playbook to help them execute quickly on goals and move to the next phase of growth. 

March 19
11 a.m. ET
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