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Financial Services

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The shifting momentum of blockchain in financial services

An inflection point has arrived as financial institutions shift from blockchain tourism to building practical blockchain applications for business. But as this phenomenon unfolds, institutions will likely confront a number of key issues. Participants will explore findings from Deloitte's 2019 Global Blockchain Survey and implications for their organizations.

Rightsourcing operations: A balanced approach to driving profitability

As the investment management industry continues to evolve, firms are looking to determine the right mix of insourcing and outsourcing of operations to adapt to changing marketplace dynamics. What are key considerations for rightsourcing, and what approaches are leading firms taking? Participants will gain a deeper understanding of rightsourcing options available for investment managers to remain competitive.

Risk management and internal audit: Innovating with technology

As technology continues to disrupt industries, real estate risk management and internal audit functions are being challenged to increase efficiency, create capacity, and provide new approaches to providing assurance. How are organizations approaching these challenges? Participants will learn about new and innovative technologies real estate companies are using to mitigate risk while gaining other benefits in their internal audit capabilities.

Real Estate
July 25
2 p.m. ET
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Migrating core banking to the cloud: Is now the right time?

As cloud computing has moved from leading edge to mainstream, banks typically took a risk-based approach to it, beginning with front-office functions. As cloud matures, is it time for banks to move core processing to the cloud? Participants will learn how banks can realize quick wins while simultaneously managing risk as they adapt to a post-mainframe world.

Mobilizing for a post-LIBOR world: An update and lessons learned

Firms are continuing to prepare for a post-LIBOR world as the financial transition approaches in 2021 and beyond. What are recent developments and effective practices that organizations should consider in their ongoing plans? Participants will gain insights on the approaching transition away from LIBOR, how regulators are preparing, and some of the lessons learned as organizations make their own preparations.

Financial Services
September 17
2 p.m. ET
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AI in financial services: A new risk landscape emerges

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are creating a challenging dynamic for financial institutions, with new risks rapidly emerging and existing supervisory regimes quickly outmoded. Where are these new risks appearing and necessitating new responses to address them? Participants will explore findings from a 2019 World Economic Forum report and gain insights on AI risk.

Financial Services
September 19
11 a.m. ET
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