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Transitioning from LIBOR to alternative rates: An AI-enabled approach

The transition from LIBOR to alternative transfer rates is a significant challenge facing financial institutions in 2020-2021. How can organizations create effective repapering processes, while building scale to achieve regulatory deadlines? Participants will discover how to mitigate risks and create an efficient repapering process, using advanced technology and analytics to meet the 2021 deadline.

March 18
1 p.m. ET
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Next-gen digital banking: Trends, approaches, and areas of success

After years of false starts, banks are making inroads on modernizing their core systems to address rapidly accelerating competition and growing customer expectations. What are important lessons learned? Participants will learn about the future of digital banking models, discern the purpose and ambition of a digital bank, and explore how exponential technologies can enable seamless digital banking experiences.

April 22
1 p.m. ET
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Fintech 2025: What will it take to win?

Fintechs are entering a new phase in their evolution and facing new realities. Traditional financial institutions have accelerated their innovation efforts, investors are becoming more demanding, and bigtechs are expanding their presence in financial services. How should fintechs adapt and collaborate with others to be successful in the next five years? Participants will learn what it takes for fintechs to be successful in the future and explore new ways for fintechs to adapt and collaborate in a rapidly changing market.

May 20
1 p.m. ET
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