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Global tax management: Insights for delivering more value

Tax leaders within global organizations face constantly shifting challenges and priorities. With pressure coming from many directions, how are tax functions pursuing progress and managing pitfalls? Participants will learn about market trends via Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's latest survey on tax management, gain insights on how tax leaders are managing their tax departments, and discover ways to deliver value aligned with CFOs' expectations, now and in the future.

Business Strategy & Tax
February 12
1 p.m. ET
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Multistate tax controversy: Trends, governance, and issue resolution

In the wake of one of the most challenging tax filing seasons in recent history, states will have significant data to digest. With that and the changing dynamics of the traditional corporate tax department presenting unique challenges, how prepared are you for what’s coming? Participants will explore trends in multistate tax controversy management and evaluate options and issues that can help them prepare for the future.

Multistate Tax
January 7
1 p.m. ET 
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Global equity update: Preparing for 2020 stock compensation activity

A significant amount of stock comp activity, from grants to vests, often takes place in the first quarter each year. Is your company prepared, and what are key considerations as you gear up this year? Participants will identify important new trends in equity compensation and explore tax planning and compliance considerations for their 2020 stock release.

Taxation of the digital economy: A US and international update

The digital economy is gaining increased attention from tax authorities within the US and internationally. What should financial and tax executives know and do? Participants will examine how businesses, not just highly digitalized ones, could be affected by evolving US and international tax policies, and explore ways to prepare.

Annual tax technology update: What's in store for 2020?

Digital transformation continues its steady march across enterprises, and tax departments are no exception. What are important updates and enhancements coming soon in the major income tax platforms? Participants will evaluate recent and upcoming software releases for functionality applicable to their processes and plan for the technology needed to support this year’s income tax cycle.

Tax Operations
January 23
11 a.m ET  
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Subchapter C tax planning considerations: M&A with spin-offs

Many issues and considerations arise when tax-free spin-offs are used to facilitate M&A transactions, i.e., Reverse Morris Trust (RMT) transactions. Participants will examine the potential planning considerations under section 355 spin-offs when dealing with M&A transactions.

Federal Tax
February 4
11 a.m. ET  
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Mobility and data: Driving insights through analytics

Mobility ecosystems grow more complex every day for many organizations, and they generate growing volumes of data. How can organizations use that data to better support their globally mobile workforces? Participants will discover how leading organizations are leveraging their global data to maintain a competitive edge, attract and retain top talent, and make forward-thinking decisions about deploying global talent.