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Tax risk and governance: Are you ready for the evolving landscape?

In addition to international demands for tax governance and transparency, the rapid response required to address COVID-19 has pressure-tested tax risk and governance frameworks in US companies. What can tax executives expect from the evolving local and global landscape on tax risk and controls in the future? Participants will evaluate emerging trends and consider ways a modern tax department can deliver on compliance while identifying, mitigating, and communicating emerging risks quickly and efficiently.

Tax Operations
August 20
1 p.m. ET
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Property tax in the current economic climate: Respond, recover, thrive

In these unprecedented times, property owners are considering ways to position themselves for the future. What affirmative steps can they take to align their property tax assessments with their fast-changing economic circumstances? Participants will explore ways to manage their property values during an economic downturn and discover how planning now can help them prepare for the future.

Multistate Tax
August 27
1 p.m. ET
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Regulatory considerations for an evolving globally mobile workforce

With regulatory changes being enacted around the world at a rapid pace, international assignees and their companies face a growing number of complex tax and immigration laws and rules. How do these issues challenge an evolving global mobility organization and mobile employees? Participants will learn about recent tax and immigration changes around the world and explore ways mobility teams can address them through planning and compliance actions.

IRS conversation: Research Tax Credit

The Internal Revenue Code Section 41 Research Tax Credit has created many compliance questions and concerns for taxpayers. What are the important changes to and considerations for research tax compliance and how could these developments impact taxpayers and their representatives? Participants will discover recent developments in key campaigns and directives effecting the Research Tax Credit through a conversation with IRS executives and evaluate how such changes may affect their own organizations.

Tax Controversy
September 16
1 p.m. ET
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The digital economy: Transfer pricing of data

As digitization spreads across businesses and industries, tax authorities and other stakeholders are rethinking how to incorporate the importance and role of data in transfer pricing analyses. What should tax executives know? Participants will learn how to rethink transfer pricing approaches for the digital economy and assess the role of economic profit split going forward.

Transfer Pricing
September 17
1 p.m. ET
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Tax accounting update: Year-end preparations amid economic uncertainty

This year has been filled with changes in the economic environment and new developments for companies. As planning for year-end 2020 begins, join the webcast for insights on relevant financial reporting matters—what’s new, and how to best prepare as year-end approaches. Participants will learn about important developments and explore their potential effects on financial reporting for income taxes.