Building future-ready leaders

Adapting to the shift in leadership development models

In today’s world, leaders need to be agile and ready for the future. Listen in to learn about the strategy and frameworks, C-suite collaboration, and succession planning needed to create a leader of the future.

Building future-ready leaders

From exhaustive and lengthy to simple and nimble. There’s a paradigm shift underfoot in Leadership development models. Why? Today’s digital, social enterprises need leaders who are agile, engaged, and connected. Our guest for this episode, Joe Moscola, chief people officer at Northwell will discuss his experience defining and rolling out a new leadership strategy—from strategy and framework to C-suite collaboration and succession planning. Joe will also share his top three "things to get right" when executing a new leadership philosophy.

How can Human Capital leaders collaborate with the C-suite to define and rollout different leadership strategies?

Leadership for the 21st century

Leaders today face new challenges due to the speed of technological, social, and economic change. Do these new challenges call for a new breed of leaders?


Talent mobility: Winning the war on the home front

​An organization’s biggest potential talent source may be its own people. But why do so many organizations find internal talent so hard to access?


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