Unlocking M&A talent value

It's all about rewards

Mergers and acquisitions are not as easy and straightforward as they may seem. As a leader, how do you ensure that employees remain motivated and engaged with so much ongoing change around them?

Unlocking M&A talent value: It’s all about rewards

Mergers and acquisitions come with their fair share of challenges—especially during the integration phase. The promise of new talent pools may seem crystal clear during negotiations, but creating a cohesive organizational culture is not so straightforward in practice. How can leaders of merged companies architect reward programs that engage and retain employees with a compelling employee value proposition? Our guest for this episode is Ben Jackson, the assistant vice president of Health & Welfare Benefits Operations for AT&T. After AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner/WarnerMedia, Ben led the rewards integration effort, ensuring that rewards offerings were not only informed by data, but also personalized for the newly integrated workforce.

What are some of the challenges that occur during the rewards integration process?

Rewards: Closing the gap

​With wage growth lagging behind inflation, many organizations are turning to non-cash perks and programs to help drive worker retention and performance. But perks and pay aren’t what matter the most.


The state of the deal: M&A trends 2019

Will M&A activity be on the rise once again this year? Our annual survey takes a closer look at deal trends and common challenges faced by corporations and private equity firms


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