Attracting the rebel

Talent that drives reinvention and innovation

What creates and defines a good employee? How do you access the right workers with the right skills and capabilities while also investing in internal talent mobility? Tune in to find out more.

Attracting the rebel: Talent that drives reinvention and innovation

What is "rebel talent?" Do workers who break the rules make good employees? Do companies that encourage nonconformity perform well? Host Jim Guszcza, chief data scientist for Deloitte Consulting in the US, welcomes Harvard professor Francesca Gino to discuss these questions and her new book, "Rebel Talent." Following the interview, join us for a roundtable discussion with Deloitte human capital leaders on such topics as accessing workers with the right capabilities, investing to get internal talent mobility right, and how to begin reinventing the talent acquisition process.

How can companies broaden their talent lens to include less conventional sources of talent?

Attracting the rebel

Accessing talent: It’s more than acquisition

In today’s world of changing jobs and skills, organizations have an opportunity to take a fresh look at how they approach talent acquisition, exploring new approaches to determining what talent they need—and where and how to find it.


Talent mobility: Winning the war on the home front

An organization’s biggest potential talent source may be its own people. But why do so many organizations find internal talent so hard to access?


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