How are CHROs leading the shift from response to recovery?

How to pivot from response to a path to recovery during COVID-19

Tune in to learn how CHROs are re-engaging workers and finding new ways to get work done.

COVID-19: How are CHROs leading the shift from response to recovery?

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging business leaders around the world to rapidly refocus their workforce priorities and programs. How are leading CHROs responding to the crisis and starting to pivot to a path to recovery? We'll explore shifting focus from crisis response to recovery, re-engaging workers to new ways of working, and balancing immediate and future requirements for when, where, and how works gets done and who does it.

Although we may not be at the Recovery stage now, we have to start preparing for it

Combating COVID-19 with resilience

Leaders like you are responding to one of the most sweeping crises in recent memory, calling for both empathy and action to guide your people and businesses through uncertain times.


Looking ahead: Where is reinvention headed?

Zooming out to take a long-term view of the trends shaping human capital and business can help leaders set priorities for reinvention.

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