Where performance meets purpose

How can companies combine social and business purpose?

Achieving success in today's market requires organizations to transform from a business enterprise to a social enterprise. Businesses today are being valued as much by their interactions and impacts on society as they are by their financial results.

Where performance meets purpose

When is it right for companies to take a public stand on social issues? We explore what it means to be a social enterprise, one whose mission combines revenue growth and profitmaking with respect and support for a broader community of stakeholders. Our guest, Gideon Maltz, executive director of Tent Partnership for Refugees, discusses how companies can effectively combine social and business purpose, leveraging their core business to make a much bigger impact than financial support alone can make.

How can organizations meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities of the social enterprise?

Leading the social enterprise—Reinvent with a human focus

Intensifying economic, social, and political issues are challenging organizations to reinvent themselves as social enterprises, engaging with stakeholders and cultivating performance in a human way.

People working together AI

Organizational performance: It's a team sport

Hierarchies are being displaced by teams at organizations across industries and geographies. How can senior leaders, HR departments, and rank-and-file workers get teaming "right"?

Team work



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