Sports and fan engagement

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Fan engagement is key to driving fans to stadiums and convincing them to spend billions annually on their favorite teams. But engaging virtual fans is an entirely different ballgame. What can sports organizations do to better engage fans—no matter where they watch?

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The growing competition to win over fans

Amy Choyne, CMO of the US Tennis Association, and Pete Giorgio, Deloitte’s US Sports practice leader, joined us at CES 2019 to discuss how sports teams and leagues can unlock value by better understanding end-to-end fan preferences.

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Niche or next? Utilizing VR for live sports

How five “C’s”—casual fans, cost, comfort, content, and connection—get addressed will likely determine if watching live sports in virtual reality remains a sideshow or becomes mainstream.

Upping your game

Analytics in sports, specifically fan engagement analytics, could enhance the live game experience and maintain fan and sponsor participation. Explore potential revenue-generating ideas for boosting attendance, driving engagement, and enriching sponsorship opportunities.

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A game plan for enhancing fan engagement

No two sports fans are alike, and sports organizations should be agile in adapting and evolving their offerings to address different fan segments. Based on learnings from Deloitte’s survey on fan engagement in sports, we have identified moves teams and leagues can make to connect and deepen their relationships with fans.

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The future of sports broadcasting

In a world where consumers are no longer tied to broadcast and cable schedules to catch their favorite shows, live sports are the exception. Sports is one of the few remaining content types/genres that fans will go out of their way to watch live. This passion equates to a big opportunity for sports teams, advertisers, and over-the-top (OTT) streaming and broadcast media companies. The future of sports broadcasting includes new ways to keep fans engaged and capture their attention with compelling, authentic experiences.

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