From interesting to irresistible

Raising the bar on the employee experience

The employee experience is core to how organizations find the talent they need to not only survive, but thrive in today’s world of disruption. Leading organizations need to expand their view of what makes an organization "simply irresistible."

From interesting to irresistible: Raising the bar on the employee experience

What does it take to attract, retain, and develop top talent in today's highly competitive job market? This episode explores how organizations are going above and beyond traditional employee engagement programs to create "simply irresistible" employee experiences. Our guest, Craig Mundy, vice president of Human Resources, Strategic Business Units for Ingersoll Rand, shares how Ingersoll Rand transformed its employee experience by introducing an integrated career management and rewards system. Get valuable insights from Craig and our Deloitte Human Capital leaders about how to build, align, and evolve your own simply irresistible employee experience.

Why is it important for companies to focus on their employee experience and what role do leaders play in this process?

From employee experience to human experience: Putting meaning back into work

What creates a positive, motivating experience at work? Mainly, it's the meaning and growth people find in the work itself—and to improve that, the entire organization has to be involved.


The untethered workforce: Empowering the 100 percent mobile worker

Mobile devices are unleashing productivity and collaboration in the workforce, especially for the 70 percent of workers who don’t sit behind a desk every day. Here’s how leaders can capitalize on the mobile-empowered workforce.

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