CEO activism

Reshaping social responsibility

In today’s world, CEOs are motivated by diverse interests—external, internal, and deeply personal—to raise awareness for social causes and leverage their influence to create social impact. How can CEOs strike a balance in their activism?

CEO activism: Reshaping social responsibility

In this episode, we explore the role of CEO activism in the social enterprise. Today, CEOs are taking a public stand—not just for shareholders but also for employees, customers, the environment, and the communities they serve. Our guest, Nick Aster, founder of TriplePundit, discusses why it’s more important than ever for CEOs to take a stand on social responsibility. How can CEOs effectively navigate the often blurry line between saying enough and saying too much? And what are the risks and rewards they face? Join us as we dig in to the many facets of CEO activism.

What’s driving the shift for CEOs (and business leaders) to take a public stand on societal issues?

The rise of the social enterprise

Achieving success in today’s market requires organizations to transform from a business enterprise to a social enterprise. Hitting the traditional marks of business performance are no longer the only defining metrics of success. Businesses today are being valued as much by their interactions and impacts on society as they are by their financial results.


Social capital: Measuring the community impact of corporate spending

Cities clamor for corporate investment, even as the social impact of such spending remains uncertain. Our new measurement model seeks to change that.


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