Superteams: Putting AI in the group

Listen today to learn how leading organizations are actively searching for strategies to integrate AI into teams to produce transformative business results and create “superteams.”

Superteams: Putting AI in the group

Fifty-nine percent of organizations surveyed in our 2020 Human Capital Trends report recognize that redesigning jobs to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) is critical to their future success. But only 7 percent report being ready to address this trend. On this episode of Capital H, Deloitte’s Brad Denny checks in with Jensen Harris, cofounder and chief technology officer of Textio, an AI-powered writing tool. They discuss ways Textio is being used to collaborate with people in a novel, integrated way compared to other word processing technologies. Then Deloitte’s David Mallon hosts a roundtable discussion on superteams and the workforce trends that have given way to collaboration between workers and cognitive technologies.

The organizations that we see adopting more quickly take a very business-led view and see technologies as truly digital workers, as part of the team.

2020 Global Human Capital Trends

Superteams: Putting AI in the group

“Superteams”—groups of people and intelligent machines working together to solve problems, gain insights, and create value—are the next step in AI’s continuing integration into the world of work.

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