A centered


A “centered” approach to leadership succession planning

Plan for the future of leaders

While many organizations recognize that leadership succession planning is essential, many fail to implement a successful plan. Tune into this episode to learn how to effectively plan for leadership succession and why your organization should adopt a “centered” approach.

Plan for the future of leaders

Change is a part of growth. But there is a paradox when it comes to leadership change as part of a growth strategy. While most organizations know leadership succession planning is important, few do it well. In this week’s episode, Dave Pottruck, former CEO of Charles Schwab, introduces the idea of a “centered” approach to succession planning—what it means and why it works. You’ll also hear from Jeff Rosenthal and Stacey Philpot, leaders in Deloitte’s Leadership practice, sharing their perspective on the most effective way to plan for leadership change.

What does it mean to take a “centered” approach to leadership succession planning, and how can organizations tactically apply this?

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