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A new auditor for a new era

Technology is revolutionizing the audit profession

“Hybrid jobs” that combine technical and soft skills are in high demand. Listen to this episode to hear about how auditing is becoming a super job.

A new auditor for a new era

A new auditor for a new era
The type of person that pops into your head when you hear the word “auditor” is likely outdated. Today, the hallmark of an effective auditor isn’t an aptitude for reviewing supporting documents for transactions. It is an ability to navigate relationships, think critically, apply professional skepticism, and leverage cutting-edge technologies. In this week’s episode, Erin Shannon, CPA, a strategic initiatives leader for Deloitte’s Audit & Assurance business, shares how her team is driving change within Deloitte and the audit profession by identifying trends that are re-shaping the auditor’s role, employing technologies that are changing the ways audit services are delivered, and onboarding talent that has the skills needed for audit’s future.

We really encourage our people to find their strengths and work with them to find roles and projects that play to those strengths.

From jobs to superjobs

As organizations embrace and adopt robotics and AI, they’re finding that virtually every job can be redesigned—creating new categories of work, including hybrid jobs and “superjobs.”

The digital-ready worker

To be effective in an increasingly technological workplace, workers must know, not just how to use digital tools, but when and why to use them.

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