A new frontier for health care

Choosing the best technologies for your organization

Leaders have a decision to make on the technologies they want to utilize to make their workforce more efficient and their organization more cost-effective.

Choosing the best technologies for your organization

For many organizations, the future of work is already here. New talent models, cognitive tools, and increasing connectivity are challenging leaders across industries to reconsider how jobs are designed and how work gets done. How is NewYork-Presbyterian hospital (NYP) navigating this major change? Dr. Laura Forese, the hospital’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, joins us this week to discuss how NYP is leaning in to the future of work, and how the hospital is adopting new technologies and workforce models that redefine patient care.

Look for areas where technology can make what the human can do better, easier, faster, more cost-effective.

From employee experience to human experience: Putting meaning back into work

What creates a positive, motivating experience at work? Mainly, it's the meaning and growth people find in the work itself—and to improve that, the entire organization has to be involved.

Skills change, but capabilities endure

Why fostering human capabilities first might be more important than reskilling in the future of work.

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