Building a resilient workforce through opportunity

Listen today to dig deeper into what talent marketplaces are, the benefits they provide to workers and organizations, and considerations for leaders as they endeavor to create these marketplaces.

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Building a resilient workforce through opportunity

In response to unrelenting disruption caused by both technology advances and the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders are rethinking how they value and invest in their workforces. Across the business landscape, corporate leaders are seeking to develop more flexible, adaptive, and valuable workers. According to research by the MIT Sloan Management Review, in collaboration with Deloitte, 74% of respondents believe that developing worker skills and capabilities is important to their organization’s strategy, but only 34% are happy with their organization’s investment in them.

One of the way that organizations are addressing this imperative is through opportunity marketplaces: the systems, digital platforms, and virtual places where organizations provide (and workers find) the opportunities most relevant to their mutual benefit and success. In an effective marketplace, the enterprise offers its workers defined options for professional development, mentorship, project participation, and networking, among others. Empowered workers, in turn, can choose to pursue those opportunities they most value. Vibrant, robust, and inclusive opportunity marketplaces strategically align both individual and enterprise aspirations.

In today’s episode, we will hear from Andy Saidy about how Schneider Electric implemented an open talent marketplace and the agility that this marketplace enabled when COVID-19 came on the scene.

The ability to have individuals identify what they’re interested in, particularly from that project standpoint … If you think about an organization, there is always something going on beyond your day-to-day, and how do we as leaders really know who would be optimal for some of those opportunities? We can’t possibly know every single individual that is out there.

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Beyond reskilling

A system that invests not just in workers’ near-term skill needs, but also in workers’ long-term resilience can help build long-term organizational resilience in a world where the only constant is change.

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