Resilience in the face of uncertainty

As the global pandemic has drastically changed the flow of work, how do you design experiences to boost creativity and innovation for your workforce?

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Resilience in the face of uncertainty

The global pandemic has dramatically changed the flow of work and likely expedited workplace shifts that were already primed to occur. As organizations continue to start to reopen offices and have employees return to work, there are many experience and safety elements to consider. On the first episode of Capital H Season 6, Natalie Nixon, creativity strategist and president of Figure 8 Thinking LLC, discusses how she helps leaders design experiences to boost creativity, sustain innovation, and achieve priority business goals for happier employees and customers. Our Deloitte colleagues also explore how organizations can focus more on the human experience during times of disruption, putting health, safety, and well-being at the forefront of their workforce strategies.

Companies are being forced to change so quickly right now. It’s really accelerating this whole concept of innovation, working in new ways, focusing on the work outcomes, and focusing on that experience … What used to take three to five years is now taking less than a year.

2020 Global Human Capital Trends

From comfort to connection to contribution

When workers appreciate how their individual work helps to advance goals they support and find meaningful, they will likely be more engaged, more motivated, and more likely to perform at a high level.


Beyond reskilling

A system that invests not just in workers’ near-term skill needs, but also in workers’ long-term resilience can help build long-term organizational resilience in a world where the only constant is change.

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